Connect with Clients Faster With MarketSharp Texting

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When you need to contact with your clients, the fastest way to reach them is through their phones. MarketSharp is one of the few home improvement CRMs that offers a full suite of texting tools to ensure that your message gets to your clients. With the upcoming release of Two-Way Texting on the MarketSharp platform, there’s no better time to learn how texting can benefit your business.

Coming Soon: A New Mobile MarketSharp Experience

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If you know anything about MarketSharp, it’s that we’re dedicated to helping our customers grow their businesses with our products. We’re excited to announce a new addition to our product line with our MarketSharp app, coming soon to iOS. The new MarketSharp app brings powerful mobile tools to your sales team, so they can manage […]

How to Prevent Employee Burnout at Your Home Improvement Company

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Employee burnout, also known as job burnout, can sneak up quickly and be difficult to reverse; so, how can you prevent it from happening in the first place? Have you ever felt so over your job that just the idea of going to work makes you tired? Maybe you’ve even called in ‘sick’ to avoid […]

3 Steps to Increase Customer Testimonials and Manage Your Online Reputation

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With the peak of busy season behind us, it’s time to start following up with all those newly happy customers and turn their satisfaction into positive, online reviews! A job well done should never go unnoticed. If your work knocked the homeowner’s socks off, the world should know, and so should your prospective clients! According […]

How to Use a CRM to Keep Up With the Busy Season

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While a CRM system can’t help you beat the heat, it can help you stay organized and boost your productivity during the busy season.   Summer isn’t over yet! Contractors and other home improvement pros are still in the peak of their busy season and, for that reason, need to be on their A-game. But […]

How to Drive More Sales With Jobsite Radius Marketing

Neighborhood Homes

Did you know one of the best places to find a new customer is actually right next door to your last customer? It’s true! All of the neighborhoods you’ve done previous work in are actually goldmines for new business. That’s right, GOLDMINES. Why? Because neighborhoods tend to be alike in nature; homes are of similar […]

4 Key CRM Integrations Every Contractor Should Be Using

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Like peanut butter and jelly, the systems you use day-to-day are powerful on their own but even better when combined.   While you’re now probably craving a PB&J, try to think about the amount of time you spend each day switching applications and copying information from one software to another. Don’t forget to include the […]