How Better Customer Follow-Ups Helped ‘Crawl Space Ninja’ Grow Sales and Expand the Business 

“We just had our best month ever with MarketSharp; we closed over a half a million dollars.”


For 15 years, Crawl Space Ninja was built from the ground up (literally) to provide high quality basement and crawl space services to their loyal customers, but it wasn’t always so easy.


In 2005, Michael Church will tell you he was in a bit of a rut. After spending time in the Navy right out of high school, Church set out to fulfill his dream of running his own business. An entrepreneur and hard worker by nature, Church was determined to find success wherever he could. However, after his first few endeavors failed to take off, he began to fall behind on house payments. With a baby on the way, times were becoming increasingly tough financially and Church was desperate to figure out his next move.  

Then, Church had a realization that would set off a chain of events leading to his success: his dogs smelled, well, terrible. 

It was this epiphany that led Church to discover the power of air purification, and soon he was dipping his toes into odor elimination, mold inspection and removal, crawl space waterproofing, and more. Soon after, Crawl Space Ninja was born, and Michael had finally achieved his dream of owning his own business.  


Flash forward to 2015. Crawl Space Ninja was handling crawl space encapsulation, basement waterproofing, attic insulation and duct sealing services, but as the company began to grow, Michael didn’t have an effective way to track leads and began losing sales as a result.  

Church knew that his business needed help, so he decided to find a solution to better track sales leads. Thanks to a little internet research, he stumbled upon MarketSharp, an all-in-one Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system designed for home improvement pros like him. 



MarketSharp eliminated the bottlenecks in their processes and enabled better sales tracking.

Church needed a system that was able to take someone from a Lead to a Customer and effectively manage all the follow-up mechanisms in between. He wanted to ensure they never dropped the ball during the sales cycle. Lucky for Church, that’s exactly what MarketSharp was designed to help with. So, he worked with MarketSharp to setup activity processes inside of MarketSharp so that when a particular action was made in the system, it would trigger a follow-up process.  

“If a lead comes in in the middle of the night to our website, the system sends an email letting the lead know we received their information and we will follow up on the next business day. Internally, this action also triggers who gets the lead and what to do with it.”

 – Michael Church, Founder of Crawl Space Ninja

Once a sales appointment has run, Church uses processes to automate actions in MarketSharp based on how the appointment went, and because the system gives him the ability to track all this information, management can run reports and ensure their sales reps are properly capturing the result of every sales call.   

“If we went out and successfully demoed a prospect, we have two choices in most cases: we can either mark in the system that it was a ‘demo sale’ or mark that it was a  ‘demo maybe’ – and each will trigger a different action to occur in MarketSharp.” 

Follow-ups used to a bottleneck for his company, but now, Church doesn’t worry anymore about someone missing an alert to follow-up with a lead; MarketSharp’s automated emails and text messages ensure that there is always some sort of follow-up communication being sent to them.


Implementing better processes with MarketSharp led directly to huge sales growth.

According to Church, the simple fact that he can now track and assign follow-ups to individual reps and make sure those follow-ups were executed, has increased his sales dramatically. 

“Good follow-ups always increase sales, and as we expand, MarketSharp has given us the ability to make sure all corporate and franchise leads, and customers are never missed or forgotten.” 

The best part? MarketSharp’s system made it easy for Church to actually track his leads in the system. In fact, he advises to those considering a CRM system to not fear the transition.

“To the newbie, a CRM system can be overwhelming, but I encourage you to stick with it. MarketSharp will make your life way easier in the long run if you go in and set everything up properly.” 

And considering that despite the economic uncertainty of COVID, Crawl Space Ninja just had its best month ever, closing over half a million dollars, it’s safe to say Church knows what he’s talking about.  


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About Crawl Space Ninja

For the past 15 years, Crawl Space Ninja has provided homeowners with quality crawl space and basement services. They offer exclusive crawl space encapsulation and basement waterproofing systems that meet building code standards and strive to create worry-free spaces that last for years. They also offer Lifetime and mold-free warranties, maintenance programs, and a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all of their work. Learn more about Crawl Space Ninja by visiting their website here, or call them directly at (865) 659 – 0390.