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Gain repeat business by nurturing customer relationships.

Maximize your customer referral program and increase repeat business with online reviews and customer feedback. Turn ‘one-time’ customers into lifetime customers. With the help of MarketSharp and a few mouse clicks, you can trigger an ongoing stream of low-cost repeat & referral business. Engage with your customers regularly to maintain strong relationships and encourage customer loyalty.

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Get more high quality, low cost leads with referral marketing

Referral leads are consistently your lowest cost, highest quality leads. Maximize your referralgenerating opportunities by implementing a “referral program”. Encourage your satisfied customers to refer their friends and family. Reward them for their referrals to increase participation and grow your business. Ensure your marketing spend goes the distance with a referral program. 

Boost repeat business with automated referral campaigns

With the help of MarketSharp and a few mouse clicks, cross-marketing your products is a breeze. Our referral program helps trigger an ongoing stream of low-cost repeat & referral business. Automate your referral campaigns to save time and ensure consistent outreach. Personalized messages keep your customers engaged and more likely to refer friends and family. Track the success of your campaigns with our easy-to-use analytics tools.

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Gather and Analyze Customer Feedback to improve customer satisfaction

Referral marketing is easy when you see your company through your customers’ eyes. Automatically initiate post-job communications with your customers to determine satisfaction levels, issues to be resolved, and more. Collecting this feedback helps you quickly address any problems and improve your services. Satisfied customers are more likely to refer friends and family to your business. Consistently gathering feedback also allows you to track your performance over time and make necessary adjustments. 

MarketSharp integrates with industry-leading applications to help you gather important feedback and enhance your affiliate marketing efforts.  

  • GuildQuality 
  • Listen360 
  • HomeAdvisor 

These integrations allow you to collect detailed reviews and insights from your customers. Use this valuable information to address concerns and improve your services. By continually refining your approach, you can boost customer loyalty and drive more referrals. 

Grow your business by getting more Online Reviews

Your reputation matters in referral marketing, always. Easily improve your online review generation by leveraging MarketSharp’s built-in and automated postjob triggers. Turn delighted customers into solid, positive online reviews. Encourage satisfied clients to share their experiences on popular review sites. Positive reviews can significantly boost your credibility and attract new customers. Make it simple for customers to leave feedback with easy-to-follow prompts and reminders. 

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Apps & Integrations

Maximize your business’s reputation with apps and integrations your business can’t live without.

Get positive online reviews and collect customer satisfaction surveys!


Use genuine feedback to increase customer retention and loyalty with Listen360, the powerful customer listening solution that enables organizations to engage customers, analyze feedback in real time, and transform customers into brand advocates via social media.

gFour Marketing Group

Get more repeat and referrral business and maximize your online reviews with gFour Marketing Group

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More complete customer satisfaction surveying. Gather feedback, track performance, share reviews and testimonials, and deliver exceptional customer service with Guild Quality.


Referral marketing software makes it easier to set up and manage a referral program for your business. The top software will assist you in designing your program, spreading the word to your customers, and keeping track of the referrals you get. For a mostly automated customer referral program, it’s important to choose the right referral marketing software for your business. It can also help you analyze the effectiveness of your referral strategies to continuously improve your program. 

MarketSharp’s free, live demo can help determine if we’re the right fit for you. 


MarketSharp’s referral marketing software allows you to create campaigns from our templates. These campaigns are a series of emails sent out to previous and current customers. This helps generate high-quality leads. Businesses also get more purchases through efficient referral tracking. 


MarketSharp also provides tools to automate follow-ups, ensuring no opportunity is missed. Additionally, it offers detailed analytics to measure the success of your referral campaigns and make data-driven improvements. 

MarketSharp does not have a specific feature to incentivize customer referrals. But you can establish your own incentive and promote it within the automated email nurture series. 

This flexibility allows you to tailor the incentives to fit your business needs and customer preferences. By highlighting these incentives in your communications, you can effectively motivate customers to refer others to your business. 

Our referral marketing software helps you gain more repeat business with campaigns to cross-sell. You can also follow up on warranty work and stay top of mind with deals and promotions. These can be automated or one-off, whatever best suits your business needs. 

Additionally, MarketSharp allows you to send personalized messages and notes to customers. This empowers your business to show appreciation. By maintaining regular and meaningful communication, you can build stronger relationships and increase customer loyalty. 

By focusing on referral marketing, MarketSharp allows businesses to reach out to current customers with referrals. This helps to generate high-quality leads. This is more cost-effective than using marketing dollars to find new leads. 

Our referral program encourages happy customers to tell others about their good experiences, which helps bring in new customers. The system also makes it easier to keep track of these referrals and give rewards when they bring in new business. Both get your business get even more leads. By using previous customer relationships, MarketSharp builds trust. This making it more likely that these leads will turn into sales. 

Timing is everything for successful referral programs! MarketSharp’s automated campaigns send out referrals quickly once the project is complete. This reminds customers to share their projects with friends and family, increasing the likelihood of getting high-quality leads. 

Prompt follow-up also enhances customer satisfaction and encourages repeat business opportunities. This proactive approach helps businesses maintain a steady flow of new referrals and expand their customer base effectively. 


To optimize referral marketing with customer feedback, MarketSharp seamlessly integrates with our sister companies, Listen360 and Guild Quality. 

These tools enable businesses to collect and analyze customer feedback systematically. This helps to ensure continuous improvement and enhanced customer satisfaction. Additionally, the integrations allow businesses to leverage authentic customer testimonials. This also helps to strengthen their referral campaigns and attract new leads. 

MarketSharp creates automated campaigns that trigger upon project completion. These automatically ask customers for online reviews when your business is still top of mind.  

MarketSharp also easily integrates with our sister companies, Listen360 and Guild Quality. These integrations help ensure that positive customer experiences are shared and highlighted across various review platforms. This approach helps businesses build a strong online reputation. It also attracts more potential customers through genuine feedback and testimonials. 

Yes! MarketSharp is customizable to suit your unique business needs. We help your business reach out to the right customers to capture reviews and referrals that boost your bottom line. Whether you need specific features tailored to your industry or prefer a personalized approach to managing referrals, MarketSharp offers flexible solutions to meet your requirements effectively. 

For more information on if MarketSharp is the right fit for your business, reach out to our team to book your free, live demo today.  

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