4 Key CRM Integrations Every Contractor Should Be Using

Like peanut butter and jelly, the systems you use day-to-day are powerful on their own but even better when combined.


People moving puzzle pieces together as a way to show how systems can connect and integrate with each other

While you’re now probably craving a PB&J, try to think about the amount of time you spend each day switching applications and copying information from one software to another. Don’t forget to include the time you devote to double or triple-checking that duplicated data to ensure it was entered correctly! All things considered; you’re likely spending a chunk of your day manually entering information that could be exchanged automatically from system to system.

By integrating your CRM with your online web forms, email, calendars, accounting tools and other platforms, you allow your applications to talk to each other and work together. As a result, you’ll manage your data more effectively, improve your processes and be more productive than ever before. However, with so many integration options available, you may be wondering where to start. Luckily, we’re here to help! The following are the key CRM integrations that every home improvement pro should be leveraging:


1. Web Form Integrations

By using web form integrations, you can skip the manual data entry and get your leads while they’re hot: a win-win for any contractor! MarketSharp, a CRM system built for home improvement pros, allows lead information from websites or internet providers to flow directly into the system with its Custom Lead Capture feature. When an interested homeowner visits a website, enters their contact information and presses submit, Custom Lead Capture will automatically create a new lead record in MarketSharp for immediate use.

And when we say, “for immediate use”, we mean it! Your response time to an initial lead inquiry can make or break the sale opportunity. To ensure your hot leads don’t go to waste, use a CRM like MarketSharp to create automated processes for efficient follow-up. Doing so will help you connect with the lead faster and ultimately keep the homeowner away from the competition.


2. Calling Software Integrations

Want your reps to reach more people in less time? Combine the power of calling software with your CRM and you’ll provide your sales reps with the tools they need to reach more homeowners and close more deals. With features like automated dialers, agent scripting, DNC list management, click-to-dial and more; calling software can crank up your teams’ productivity and drive sales.

MarketSharp integrates with Five9, a cloud-based platform jam-packed with features like those listed above to improve efficiency. Calling software like Five9 also offers voice recording, an effective tool when it comes to improving call quality; and your sales reps will love it too! By recording their conversations, your sales team can skip the note taking, give their full attention to the prospect or customer, and listen to the call later to jot down important details. Sales managers will benefit too, as they can use call recordings to ensure their reps are hitting key selling points during conversations. Plus, listening back to conversations can help you get to know your customers and optimize your selling strategy.


3. Payment Processing Integrations

A payment processing integration can be your answer to insecure payment data and dwindling cash flow. By connecting your CRM system to a payment processing tool or billing software, you can ensure on-time payments, reduce billing disputes and even retain more customers over time. A CRM like MarketSharp integrates with PaySimple to offer contractors mobile payment acceptance, so they can collect customer payments from the field, office or online! For maximum timesaving, you can also leverage MarketSharp’s PaySimple integration to set up online payment forms or recurring billing for customers.

Most importantly, you can rest assured that credit card data will be stored securely and accurately when using a payment processing integration. As your data automatically syncs from one system to another, you’ll only have to capture valuable payment information once and reduce the chance of human error with double data entry. By removing the need to confirm information is correct in multiple places, you’ll feel like less of a record keeper and can get back to running your home improvement business!


4. Survey and Data Collection Integrations

When it comes to integrations, survey functionality and CRM automation can be quite the dynamic duo! A CRM system can automatically collect the data that will tell you “what” happened with a customer, but it won’t always tell you the “why”. This is where surveys can prove to be invaluable! When you want to know more about your leads and customers, surveys can add color to your data and provide insights you need to make better business decisions.

Combining your survey data with the automation capabilities of a CRM will also help you gather instant feedback after important touch-points in the customer lifecycle. MarketSharp, for example, integrates with Listen360 to automate post-job surveys and sends any collected feedback right back into the system. With actionably survey data at your fingertips, you’ll be able to catch and address any customer dissatisfaction before they press ‘submit’ on a poor Yelp review!


So, if you really want to optimize your processes and reach your fullest potential, try leveraging CRM integrations. Aside from cutting down data entry and automating other time-consuming actions, integrations will maximize the value of your CRM system and help you get better use out of it.

MarketSharp’s CRM system already integrates with the industry’s best solutions to give home improvement pros like you all the tools and resources needed for success. To learn about how MarketSharp’s integration capabilities can streamline your processes and ramp up productivity, schedule a customized demo with a member of our team today!