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Efficient Marketing Automation for Cost-Effective Contractor Lead Generation

Generate more cost-effective contractor leads with MarketSharp’s key features. Jobsite Radius Marketing, SmartMail, internet lead captures, and call center scripting. Effectively manage mailing campaigns, calling, emailing, appointment scheduling, and follow-up efforts. Automate your marketing and sales processes, all within MarketSharp – your complete business-in-a-box. MarketSharp’s comprehensive tools ensure that every aspect of lead generation, from initial contact to follow-up, is optimized for efficiency and effectiveness. 

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Let your leads flow directly into your database with Custom Lead Capture

Say goodbye to lost contractor leads and translating bad handwriting. Boost your lead generation. Watch as leads from websites and/or internet providers flow into your MarketSharp database with Custom Lead Capture. This seamless integration ensures that you capture every potential customer efficiently and accurately. 

By automating the lead capture process, you can focus more on converting leads into sales. Enhance your business growth with a streamlined, error-free lead management system. 

Potential customers can: 

  1. Visit a company website. 
  2. Enter their contact information. 
  3. And a lead record will be created in MarketSharp.

Unify Your Lead Generation Strategy

MarketSharp partners with today’s leading home improvement lead generation companies. Contractor leads automatically sync into your follow-up workflow from lead providers. All for a seamless, consistent experience. This integration eliminates the need for manual data entry, reducing errors and saving time. 

By centralizing your lead generation efforts, you can ensure that no lead falls through the cracks. Streamline your process and enhance your ability to convert leads into satisfied customers. 

  • Partners include EverConnect, Angi, and more! 
  • Leads automatically synced into MarketSharp 
  • Robust lead tracking & data reporting 
  • No additional costs 
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Get another job for every job sold with Jobsite Radius Marketing & Direct Mail

According to statistics, the best place to find non-competitive general contractor leads and specialist contractor leads are the neighbors. This means right next door to your last customer. By targeting nearby homes, you tap into a market where your work is already visible and trusted. 

Jobsite Radius Marketing leverages this proximity. This increasing the chances of securing new projects through direct mail campaigns. This strategy not only boosts your lead generation but also builds a strong local presence and reputation. 

  • Put your job site marketing on autopilot by showcasing completed jobs in the neighborhood 
  • Utilize MarketSharp’s built-in, automated Smart-Mail Plus functionality. Drive contractor leads from recently completed work 

Never let another unsold lead or past client forget about you with Contractor Marketing Automation

Optimize your lead generation with sales opportunities. Nurture relationships with timely, automated emails using MarketSharp Email. Put the power of MarketSharp Email to work by attaching one or more pre-defined follow-up marketing campaigns. These campaigns can be customized to fit different client needs. This ensuring that your messaging is always relevant and engaging. 

Automated emails keep your business top-of-mind. This increasing the likelihood of converting leads into customers. Stay connected with past clients to encourage repeat business and referral. Drive sustained growth for your company. 

With MarketSharp Email, you’ll get 40+ email campaigns built-in including: 

  • Follow-up campaigns 
  • Appointment confirmations 
  • Promotional offers and social media invites 
  • Online review requests 
  • Seasonal newsletters and so much more! 
marketsharp scripting and call center screenshots

Convert more leads into set appointments with Scripting & Call Center

Make your phone call conversations for contractor leads flow effortlessly. Our Call Out Scripts from MarketSharp’s Call Center make it easy. These scripts are designed to guide your team through each conversation. Ensure your team covers all essential points and handles objections smoothly. 

By providing a consistent framework, your team can focus on building rapport. This helps to understand customer needs. Our structured approach increases the likelihood of setting appointments. Ultimately, converting leads into satisfied clients. 

  • Get next-call priority settings 
  • Quick lead entry and inbound outbound scripting 
  • Set-up rules and activity processes follow-up call sequences 
  • Call Center reporting for calls, reps, and results 


Apps & Integrations

Improve your lead generation efforts with integrations and apps your business can’t live without.

Webrunner Contractor Marketing

Grow your home improvement business with fast, consistent, and done-for-you contractor marketing. Auto-capture homeowner leads generated by WebRunner right into MarketSharp!


Drive quality leads with StickyLeads by leveraging the right combination of digital platforms and targeting to find customers looking for you. StickyLeads knows where and when to invest your money to get the biggest return for your investment.


Enable insane productivity, increase sales by 23%, and shorten sales cycles with SPOTIO, the #1 field sales software for sales reps and managers.

Sales Rabbit

Manage your canvassing reps anywhere, anytime. SalesRabbit is dedicated to helping field salespeople sell more with greater efficiency and less pain.

Easily connect with homeowners with the state-of-the-art digital home services platform. is an online performance marketing firm that markets and promotes various local companies and service providers through search engines, in addition to other cutting edge internet marketing strategies.


Generate leads and conduct timely effective follow-ups with QuinStreet, the leader in vertical marketing and media online.


MarketSharp integrates with a variety of top contractor lead providers such as EverConnect. This helps your business get top-quality leads for commercial construction and residential work. 

Additionally, these integrations streamline the lead acquisition process. This ensures that new leads are automatically added to your database without any manual effort. This seamless integration allows you to focus more on converting leads and less on administrative tasks, enhancing overall productivity. 

With MarketSharp, you can efficiently manage and nurture leads. Maximize your chances of turning them into profitable projects for your business. 

You can check out our Lead Providers page for more information. 

MarketSharp connects directly to your website and contractor lead provider through our API. From there, we immediately collect a lead’s contact information when they fill out a form. This information is then used to create a lead record within MarketSharp and will trigger any automation setup. 

This ensures that no lead is missed and allows for prompt follow-up actions to be taken. By automating this process, MarketSharp helps you respond to potential clients quickly and efficiently. This increasing the chances of converting leads into customers. 

Yes! MarketSharp easily integrates with a variety of contractor lead providers (such as EverConnect). To learn more about all of MarketSharp’s integrations with lead providers, visit our Lead Providers page. 

It’s no secret: neighbors are nosey! MarketSharp’s Jobsite Radius Marketing feature allows contractors to boost lead generation. Easily create direct mail campaigns or flyers. These can then be delivered around the neighborhood of a job site. Take advantage of nosey neighbors who want to see what improvements are happening in the neighborhood. Proactively share your project and services. 

This not only increases visibility but also builds local trust and credibility. This can lead to more inquiries and potential jobs. By targeting areas where your work is already known, you can efficiently expand your customer base and grow your business. 

MarketSharp’s Marketing Automation helps contractors retain leads. Be the first to reach out and provide consistent outreach to keep leads warm. Automated emails and follow-up messages ensure that potential clients are regularly reminded of your services. This keeps your business top-of-mind. Personalized and timely communication helps build trust and rapport with leads. Increase the likelihood of conversion.  

Additionally, automation allows you to segment your audience and tailor messages to specific needs. This making your outreach more effective. By maintaining a steady flow of communication, MarketSharp helps prevent leads from falling through the cracks and boosts overall customer retention. 

MarketSharp’s Call Center feature helps contractors increase lead conversions by gaining access to: 

  • Call Out Scripts that make lead phone call conversations flow effortlessly 
  • Next-call priority settings 
  • Quick lead entry and inbound outbound scripting 
  • Rules and activity processes to follow-up call sequences 
  • Call Center reporting for calls, reps, and results . 

MarketSharp’s Call Center feature provides a robust framework that empowers contractors to effectively manage and optimize their lead conversion efforts. Ensure every lead receives timely and personalized attention to maximize conversion rates. 

MarketSharp helps improve an existing lead generation strategy through automated activity reminders, automated email, and text communications. These features ensure that follow-ups are consistent and timely. This helps keep leads engaged throughout the sales process.  

Moreover, MarketSharp’s lead management tools enable businesses to track interactions and monitor lead progress effortlessly. By analyzing data and trends, businesses can refine their approach and optimize their lead generation efforts for better results. 

With MarketSharp’s comprehensive reporting capabilities, businesses gain insights into what strategies are most effective. This empowers them to make informed decisions and further enhances their lead-generation strategy. 

You can easily customize your contractor lead source and sub-lead source for stress-free tracking. MarketSharp even makes it easy to learn the ROI from your marketing and sales initiative. 

To see how real life businesses have used MarketSharp to boost their lead generation, head to our Success Stories page. There, you can discover firsthand accounts of businesses achieving success through tailored lead generation strategies. See how they leveraged MarketSharp’s customizable features to their advantage. 

Yes! MarketSharp offers onboarding training, a help center, and frequent webinars on how to better utilize specific features. To optimize your MarketSharp experience, reach out to our team of experts for a free, personalized demo. 

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