More Mobile Than Ever: RemodelerGo Now Supports Production Tasks

RemodelerGo App Production Tasks

Our RemodelerGo app just keeps getting better. With the latest release, we are opening up mobile capabilities for a new part of the job lifecycle: production!

If you are already using RemodelerGo, you know it’s the best way to enable your team to manage sales on the go. Now, you can track and manage all the production tasks for your different projects, at the job site or on the move. It’s a complete solution for your mobile teams.

Manage Projects on the Go

With the latest app release, you and your teams can now access production support and manage projects from the field. From the app home screen, see all current and upcoming project tasks on your to-do list, calendar, and map.

So, whether you are at the job site or stopping for coffee on the way, you have all the tools you need to create production tasks and process steps for the job at hand, even though you aren’t anywhere near a computer.

When you need to dig into a specific project, simply click on the “Projects” tab. Here, you can view all the relevant details, including the project name and description, start and end dates, assigned work crews, status, and more—all from right within the app.

See the Complete Picture

production tasks remodelergo

Want to see how everything your company has in the works fits together? We’ve now added project tasks to the calendar, so you can view them alongside your upcoming appointments, tasks, and events. The different items are color-coded, so it’s easy to distinguish and filter based on what you need to see.

From here, it’s simple to switch to the multi-view staff calendar, so you can see what all your different team members are up to on any given day.

Get Where You Need To Be

Another way to visualize all your business’s ongoing activity is via RemodelerGo’s map view. Here, you can see where your projects are located geographically, alongside all your appointments.

And when it’s time to head out to complete project tasks, you can use the RemodelerGo app to navigate to the property address. We’ll give you the best route and estimated drive time, so you can get where you need to be as efficiently as possible.

An Evolving Feature Set

These new production features build on the existing key features RemodelerGo users know and love, including:

  • Appointment management
  • Visual quote building
  • Multi-view staff calendar
  • Appointment routing and navigation
  • Support for uploading multiple file types
  • Payments accepted in the field

Download the latest version of RemodelerGo to enable your mobile teams to do more on the go. The app is currently available on iOS. Next up, we’re working on an Android release, so stay tuned for more updates! 

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