Preparing for the Busy Season: How Contractors Can Combat Slow Payments

With the right payment processor in place, you can avoid a cash flow crisis and get paid faster. It’s no secret that delayed payments can come at a high price. We might be stating the obvious here, but without enough cash in your bank, your remodeling business will struggle to cover any necessary expenses, or […]

The Good, Better, Best Approach – does it work?

good better best pricing

A tiered pricing strategy may just be the key to closing more deals and increasing your average job size. Good, Better, Best pricing – also known as tiered pricing – is a pretty straightforward concept. Essentially, product or service options are presented to consumers at gradually increased prices over each tier, with each option adding […]

3 Bad Email Habits You Should Leave Behind in 2020

Avoid leaving a bad impression or losing business by stepping up your email game in the new year! Emails often get a bad rap: they flood your inbox, can suck up all your time, and even occasionally lead to misunderstandings. However, when used correctly, email can be a highly effective tool for communicating with your […]

How Home Improvement Pros Can Delight Their Customers by Offering Financing Options

Give your customers the purchasing power to afford the projects they actually want. Every homeowner’s financial situation is different. Some can foot the bill for a new deck or kitchen remodel without blinking an eye, and for others these kinds of improvements can seem unaffordable. The fact of the matter is that, for many homeowners […]

The 5 Minute Rule: How to Streamline Your Lead Response Time

lead response time

Did you know that new lead inquiries convert 22 times more often when contact is made in 5 minutes or less? If you don’t reply to a lead inquiry quickly, someone else will. It’s as simple as that. When a lead contacts your home improvement company, time is of the essence. By responding instantly, you […]

3 Steps to Increase Lead Conversion with Pre-Appointment Marketing

lead warming

So, you’ve scheduled an appointment with a prospect-now what? While the ultimate goal is to make the sale, scheduling an appointment is still a huge win! Once you’ve gotten this potential customer on the schedule, you just need them to show up for the appointment. Sounds easy, doesn’t it? If only it was that easy. […]

How to Use a CRM to Keep Up With the Busy Season

stay organized

While a CRM system can’t help you beat the heat, it can help you stay organized and boost your productivity during the busy season.   Summer isn’t over yet! Contractors and other home improvement pros are still in the peak of their busy season and, for that reason, need to be on their A-game. But […]