3 Bad Email Habits You Should Leave Behind in 2020

Avoid leaving a bad impression or losing business by stepping up your email game in the new year!

Emails often get a bad rap: they flood your inbox, can suck up all your time, and even occasionally lead to misunderstandings. However, when used correctly, email can be a highly effective tool for communicating with your customers – so long as you avoid certain bad habits. As we move into the new year, consider leaving the following email practices behind to optimize your communications and win over more business:


Sloppy Writing

We get it – you’re a contractor, not a novelist. But take a moment to pretend you’re in the market for a new deck; looking at the two emails below, which company would you lean towards doing business with?

You would likely go with Company A, who’s messaging is professional, well-written, and not riddled with spelling typos like Company B’s. Why? Because good writing skills communicate intelligence and credibility. If you can’t proofread an email for mistakes, how can you expect prospective customers to trust that you’ll complete their project without fault? Additionally, professional emails get straight to the point, clearly, whereas Company B adds unnecessary details and uses confusing, run-on sentences in their follow-up.

To ensure your emails are always error-free, consider using templates. With MarketSharp’s industry-specific CRM system, home pros like you can take advantage of built-in email marketing templates and automated tools proven to be effective, or, get creative and add your personal touch by easily customizing them. Doing so will not only reduce the amount of time you spend crafting emails, but also help you avoid grammar and spelling mistakes (assuming you’ve thoroughly proofed your original template).


Overusing Email

Keep in mind that email isn’t the only channel that exists for communication! Often, email can be overused when communicating with prospects and customers, but other options like direct mail, texting, and good-old fashioned phone calls can be just as effective. And by using MarketSharp’s CRM system, home improvement pros can gain access to a variety of messaging tools like professional mailers, automated texting, and call scripting. Plus, you may even discover that who you’re targeting actually responds better to a non-email form of communication, helping you increase your response rates.


Taking Your Time to Respond

If you want to really minimize the chance of losing business, it’s CRUCIAL that your remodeling business sends communications in a timely manner- especially in response to an initial lead inquiry. Studies show that if responded to in less than 5 minutes, a lead is 22 times more likely to convert. And if you’re someone who’s schedule only allows you to send or respond to emails at midnight, then using a CRM system like MarketSharp is in your best interest. With MarketSharp, you can automate your messaging so that when a certain activity with a customer occurs, they’re instantaneously communicated with. As a result, your customers won’t feel ignored or neglected and likely have an improved experience with your company.


By avoiding the above habits, you’ll be off to a great start with improving your email skills. Your leads probably receive hundreds of emails a day, and if you’re timely, professional, and don’t overuse email, you’re more likely to make an impression with your communications. To really step up your email etiquette, consider using MarketSharp’s industry specific CRM system. MarketSharp’s platform is jam packed with features and tools designed to help your home improvement company communicate more efficiently and more effectively. 

If you want to learn more about how MarketSharp can help you execute your best communications yet, schedule a demo with one of our team members today!