Home Remodeling Leads: 6 Ways to Get More Leads

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You’ve got the skills to take on these projects, but without leads, your business can’t thrive. Here are six simple strategies that’ll generate more leads so you can start tackling more remodeling projects.

How to Price Jobs as a General Contractor 

Image showing a calculator used to price jobs

Pricing jobs is critical for your business as a general contractor. Boost your bottom line and increase efficiency with our tips on how to track time and use job costing.

How to Grow a Service-Based Business 

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Home services providers are experts in helping homeowners. But while you know your trade, you may not be as familiar with how to grow a service-based business.

How Home Improvement Pros Can Delight Their Customers by Offering Financing Options

Give your customers the purchasing power to afford the projects they actually want. Every homeowner’s financial situation is different. Some can foot the bill for a new deck or kitchen remodel without blinking an eye, and for others these kinds of improvements can seem unaffordable. The fact of the matter is that, for many homeowners […]

3 Ways Remodelers Can Improve the Customer Experience and Exceed Expectations

Scale with 3 categories: sad customer, impartial customer and happy customer. The gauge is pointing toward the happy customer

Keep your customers coming back for more with a customer experience that sets off fireworks.   While good conversation and light-hearted humor are great ways to build rapport with a potential customer, guaranteeing their satisfaction requires you to do more than just talk the talk. To really charm the heck out of your customers and […]