Maximize Reputation Management

Get More Referrals

Gain customer loyalty and retention by nurturing customer relationships.

Maximize reputation management and increase repeat business with online reviews and customer feedback. Turn ‘one-time’ customers into lifetime customers. With the help of MarketSharp, and a few mouse clicks, you can trigger an ongoing stream of low-cost repeat & referral business. 

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Get more high quality,
low cost leads with Referrals

Referral leads are consistently your lowest cost, highest quality leads. Maximize your referral generating opportunities by implementing a “referral program”.

  • Built-in referral campaigns 

Increase Repeat Business with with quick, easy, and automated campaigns

With the help of MarketSharp and a few mouse clicks, cross-marketing your products is a breeze, and you’ll trigger and ongoing stream of low-cost repeat & referral business.

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marketsharp customer feedback integrations

Gather and Analyze Customer Feedback to grow your business and improve your quality of work.

See your company through your customers’ eyes. Automatically initiate post job communications with your customers to determine satisfaction levels, issues to be resolved and more. 

MarketSharp integrates with industry leading applications to help you gather important feedback. 

  • GuildQuality
  • Listen360
  • HomeAdvisor

Grow your reputation and
your business with Online Reviews

Your reputation matters, always. Easily improve your online review generation by leveraging MarketSharp’s built-in and automated post job triggers to turn delighted customers into solid, positive online reviews. 

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Apps & Integrations

Maximize your business’s reputation with apps and integrations your business can’t live without.

Get positive online reviews and collect customer satisfaction surveys!


Use genuine feedback to increase customer retention and loyalty with Listen360, the powerful customer listening solution that enables organizations to engage customers, analyze feedback in real time, and transform customers into brand advocates via social media.

gFour Marketing Group

Get more repeat and referrral business and maximize your online reviews with gFour Marketing Group

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More complete customer satisfaction surveying. Gather feedback, track performance, share reviews and testimonials, and deliver exceptional customer service with Guild Quality.

Turn One Time Customers into Lifetime Customers.