How to Set Your Business Up for Success During Job Backlogs

Watch on-demand as Pat Fingles, John Anglis, and Pam Torrey, walk you through setting your business up for success during job backlogs with time-tested techniques. From strategies to software options, these industry leaders will provide you with actionable insight to help you replicate time-tested techniques in managing backlog.  

Topics Discussed

  • How managing instock inventory helps job backlog
  • Updating your team in Realtime through technology
  • Keeping homeowners up-to-date on their project status
  • Setting expectations in the sales appointment
  • State of the industry review and what the supply chain looks like
  • Problems from supply chain issues and how to navigate through them

Meet the Speakers!

Photo of Tim Musch

Tim Musch

Director, Business Development

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Pam Torrey

Director, Marketing

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Pat Fingles


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John Anglis


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