Connect with Clients Faster With MarketSharp Texting

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When you need to contact with your clients, the fastest way to reach them is through their phones. MarketSharp is one of the few home improvement CRMs that offers a full suite of texting tools to ensure that your message gets to your clients. With the upcoming release of Two-Way Texting on the MarketSharp platform, there’s no better time to learn how texting can benefit your business.

3 Bad Email Habits You Should Leave Behind in 2020

Avoid leaving a bad impression or losing business by stepping up your email game in the new year! Emails often get a bad rap: they flood your inbox, can suck up all your time, and even occasionally lead to misunderstandings. However, when used correctly, email can be a highly effective tool for communicating with your […]

4 Steps to Reinvent Your Communications in a Post-COVID-19 World

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As your remodeling business adapts to the new normal, you’ll need to smartly communicate to customers about company updates and changes. Keep in mind that your messaging shouldn’t look the same as before COVID-19, so don’t force it to! When drafting new communications to prospects and customers, you’ll need to be sensitive to today’s situation. […]