4 Ways CRM Software Can Take Your Operations Digital & Ease Your COVID-19 Production Worries

If today’s uncertain environment has introduced concerns for your remodeling business; look no further for solutions, a CRM system can help!


Even as things continue to reopen, you may find yourself worrying about Person on laptop and tablet in the office operating digitallythe future of your remodeling business. Today’s current situation has taken away some of the control we’re used to having, and things will continue to remain this way for an uncertain amount of time. While you can’t control everything, you can take your operations digital using a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system to help get your business back on track.

A CRM system can provide you a big picture of the current state of your business. With visibility into all areas of your operations, you can gain insights needed to make cost-effective changes and stabilize your processes. A major bonus: because a CRM system will take your operations digital, you’ll reduce the number of in-person tasks or interactions that could risk the health of your employees and customers. Industry-built CRM’s like MarketSharp were built specifically for home improvement pros. To help ease the worry you may be experiencing, we’ve outlined how a CRM can help with the following concerns: 


1. Cash Flow

Disruptions to your job schedule means disruptions to your cash flow! If your home improvement company was required to put projects on hold due to COVID-19, you’re probably seeing fewer payments coming in. To make sure you have enough cash on hand to get you through this continued business disruption, consider leveraging a CRM system.


How a CRM system can help:

An industry-built CRM software, like MarketSharp, will centralize all of your remodeling business’s lead, prospect and customer data, including job and payment information. With all of this information readily at your fingertips, it’s easy to get a clear picture of your company’s financial health. By using robust CRM reporting, you can gain a bird’s eye view into all of your jobs and see which have payments coming up or which have an outstanding balance. MarketSharp’s CRM can even be integrated with a payment processing tool, like PaySimple, to get you paid faster and boost cash flow. You can also use a CRM to quickly review incoming and outgoing revenue to identify potential cash flow problems. Plus, CRM software can offer visibility into the performance of specific products, employees and marketing sources so that you can pinpoint where more savings and improvements can be made. If you need to stay on top of your numbers from anywhere, anytime, MarketSharp’s platform can help there too! MarketSharp’s CRM system lets you schedule your reports to run and send automatically, so you can stay on top of your finances from the office, road or job-site.


2. Employee Safety

As consumers begin to take on remodeling projects again, you may be worrying about the safety of your employees. For companies that are small man operations, each employee may have a valuable role in the process; the idea of one of them getting sick can be a scary thought. In addition to following the CDC’s recommended safety, cleaning and disinfecting guidelines, you should take your operations digital to help your workers maintain social distancing and stay protected while at work.

How a CRM system can help:

As stated above, a CRM system acts as an all-in-one place for all your lead, prospect and customer information and interaction history. By giving your employees access to a CRM, they can see what efforts have already been made with a prospect or customer and avoid going to a co-worker’s desk to ask a question face-to-face. A CRM system can also protect your teams by keeping them away from commonly used surfaces. For example: MarketSharp’s CRM lets you send customer communications directly from the system so that you can avoid using the office printer and stapler. You can also say goodbye to touching every piece of content in a file cabinet to find a single document, as your important customer files will be digitally stored within your CRM.


3. Scheduling and Re-Scheduling

If your remodeling business had to close suddenly due to COVID-19, you may be worried about the backlog of appointments and jobs that need to be scheduled or re-scheduled. By using a CRM system, you can take a thoroughly organized approach to scheduling and get things back on the calendar quickly.

How a CRM system can help:

A CRM system can assist in re-scheduling the appointments or installations that were canceled due to COVID-19 shutdowns. With all prospect and customer information in one location, you can use CRM reporting to distinguish which appointments ran and which did not, as well which installations were on the calendar but never completed. Additionally, a CRM like MarketSharp can automatically email and/or text reminders to your prospects or sales staff about their appointments. If you or your team uses Google Calendar, you can take advantage of MarketSharp’s Google Calendar Integration to see ALL of your appointments in the MarketSharp system.

Many CRM systems offer intuitive, built-in scheduling calendars. MarketSharp, for example, integrates your company, sales, production and service calendars into one so that you can manage PTO, sales calls, production timelines and service requests in one location. MarketSharp even uses color-coded blocks based on person, appointment type, product or work crew to segment your calendar even further.


4. Customer Support

This pandemic has us all asking: “How can I support my customers in a relevant and meaningful way?”. Now more than ever, consumers are looking for personal, genuine messaging that provides value to your company. They’re also leaving behind companies that are functioning “business-as-usual” and responding to those that took their operations digital and prioritize their safety above their profits. By using a CRM system, you can make sure that your customer relationships outlast the outbreak and come out stronger on the other side.


How a CRM system can help:

A CRM system can maximize the effectiveness of your communications by making them automated but also personal. As social distancing has minimized or, in some cases, eliminated personal interaction, it’s crucial your communications are as individualized as possible. Because a CRM keeps all prospect and customer information in one place, it’s easy to pull data that can be used to tailor your messaging to a specific customer. Additionally, a CRM system can automate your communications and allow you to connect with your customers at whatever cadence you want. Consistently communicating means you can provide your customers with regular updates around company policies, safety measures and procedures, and tips for interacting with your company, all of which your customers will appreciate.


We’ve experienced a lot of change in the last few months; worrying about the future of your home improvement business is inevitable! A CRM system can ease your concerns by taking your operations digital, nurturing your prospect and customer relationships automatically, handling the weight of scheduling, and offering insights that can improve cash flow. With a CRM system on your side, you’ll be able to tackle your production concerns brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic.

To learn how MarketSharp’s CRM system can ease the distress of operating during a global pandemic, schedule a demo with one of our representatives today!