About SmartMail Plus

With SmartMail Plus, it takes less than a minute to launch a ‘just completed’ campaign. It’s so simple and takes so little effort that it’s like having a virtual marketing assistant!


What Is SmartMail Plus?

SmartMail Plus is a neighborhood lead generation program. Integrated within MarketSharp software, SmartMail Plus allows you to create multi-channel campaigns automatically. It combines personalized direct mail and web elements unique to the recently completed job.  It’s the perfect combination of offline and online marketing. With SmartMail Plus, it takes less than a minute to launch a neighborhood campaign.

  • Fast, easy, and automatic jobsite marketing
  • Low all inclusive per piece price for first class presort (Pricing starts at only 88 cents/per card)
  • Minimum mailing only 50 postcards!
  • Automate lead generation from recently completed work
  • Streamline communication with warm leads

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How It Works

SmartMail-Plus-Process750Here’s How It Works…

  • Choose Your Postcard and Call To Action!
  • A Unique Website Landing Page Is Auto-Created
  • You’ll Confirm and Proof Your Mailing
  • You’ll Receive Email LEAD Alerts!

Each time you complete a job for a customer, you have the opportunity to automatically send postcards to the surrounding neighbors announcing the project. The postcard recipients can scan a unique QR Code, text a unique phrase or visit a keyword protected custom website to get more information about the recently completed project. The built-in technology on the SmartMail Cards allows website responses to be tracked.

SmartMail Plus notifies you by email when a prospective client has visited the website by using one of the postcard response mechanisms. In addition, if the prospect fills out the Call-To-Action online form, contact details are pushed directly into MarketSharp for immediate follow-up.

During the SmartMail Plus ordering process you can create even more buzz socially using Facebook and Twitter, so fans can like or share your recently completed work.


Watch the Overview video for more details...
MarketSharp Plus Video

For as little as 88 cents per postcard (with a minimum 50 address order) you can launch a multimedia neighborhood jobsite campaign… you’ll get the  the full-color postcard, the printing, the first-class presort postage, the call-to-action response mechanisms, the social sharing and the pre-designed landing page!!

To get started using SmartMail Plus… Complete the form to the right or call 1-800-335-4254 x. 1 for immediate assistance!

  • Execute consistent integrated online and offline marketing – print, mail, and social media
  • Turnkey marketing solution
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Postcard Sample:

Postcard -Address side

Postcard - Front


Landing Page Sample:

Landing Page