Delight Customers and Build Valuable Relationships
Positively impacts every aspect of your business and customer retention strategies

Listen360 helps businesses build better customer relationships and improve business operations by giving them an easy way to communicate with customers at key moments of engagement, when they are most likely to share relevant, thoughtful feedback about what is most important to them.

The innovative offering extends MarketSharp’s lifetime customer value marketing campaigns by utilizing Listen360’s ability to boost clients’ online reputations by streaming positive feedback to their websites and encouraging happy customers to share recommendations and promotions on social channels.

By combining Listen360 customer feedback functionality with MarketSharp, you’ll not only increase retention, referrals and loyalty, you’ll…

  • Get a steady stream of automated customer feedback
  • Respond quickly to delight customers and win loyalty
  • Identify performance trends to improve business
  • Encourage clients to SHARE their experience
  • Stand out in search results with ADStars
  • And, boost your reputation with online reviews


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What's NPS All About? Watch this video for a brief explanation.

Here’s How Listen360 Works with MarketSharp

The integration with Listen360 allows MarketSharp users to automatically send out an email survey asking the ULTIMATE question based on the Net Promoter System (NPS).

“What is the likelihood that you would recommend Company X to a friend, neighbor or relative?”

Which is followed by an open-ended elaboration request (What do you like about our products and services?), which solicits the reasons for the rating.

The email survey is auto-prompted in MarketSharp in two ways: first, when a lead’s appointment result is entered and secondly, when a customer’s job is designated complete.

More About Listen360

Listen360 is a powerful customer listening solution that enables organizations to engage customers, analyze feedback in real time, and transform customers into brand advocates via social media. Our exclusive Voice of the Customer text analytics and innovative dashboards deliver actionable insight to help organizations build customer loyalty, drive growth and increase profitability.

View the Overview DEMO to learn how 20,000+ businesses use the power of listening to improve loyalty, retention and revenue.

You can have all the feedback and reviews features of Listen360 added to your MarketSharp system for an additional $80/company/month.

To get started using Listen360… Complete the form or call 1-800-335-4254 x. 1 for immediate assistance!