The Dream Garage: 7 Creative Remodeling Ideas to Offer Your Clients  

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A dream garage means something different to every person. Is it a place to store your vehicles? A place to work on projects and organize your tools? A place to make art or gather with family? Perhaps a game room? Or is it a multi-purpose space? 

Whatever the dream is, the garage offers an easy way to add living space to a home. Most garages are used for parking and storage, but this extra square footage could be so much more. Plus, the open concept of a garage leaves room for creativity and versatility in the renovation. 

Offering customized garage renovations gives your customers a say in their remodel. Leaving room for client input is a great customer service tip and helps bring in more ideas.  

Regardless, a comprehensive remodel plan for your clients is a great place to start and show potential customers their options.  

This article will introduce and explore ways your business can provide original and dreamy garage renovations.  

The Increasing Trend of Garage Remodels 

Garage remodels are a popular trend among homeowners. Even a simple upgrade can change the feel of a home. Renovating the garage can expand the living space or add extra flare to the basic home layout.  

Rather than building an addition or altering part of the home, homeowners can take advantage of space that they may not be using. And it can be much more affordable than an addition.  

On average, a garage renovation costs between $7,000 – $30,000. That leaves a lot of room for different budgets and remodel ideas.  

So, it’s no wonder so many people are turning to garage remodels as an easy home renovation project. Plus, you may be able to remodel without needing extra permits

Here are just a few ways that a garage remodel can help improve a home: 

Maximizing Space 

Even the most modest of homes can benefit from a little remodel. The garage offers untapped square footage, making a smaller home feel much larger. This can extend the home’s usable spaces.  

Whether your clients are looking to add a bedroom or just want to divert some energy into another part of the house, a remodel is a great option. With a little facelift, a garage can become functional, organized, and even a stylish space for any home.  


We all know what a cluttered garage looks like. Towering stacks of old Christmas decorations and unused sporting equipment. Boxes of childhood keepsakes that never get opened.  

Trying to clear out this space and organize everything can be daunting. 

Deciding to convert or remodel a garage is a great way to clear out storage and say goodbye to clutter. A well-organized space and fewer collections of random things can make the entire home feel refreshed. 

Increasing Home Value 

A huge bonus of remodeling is that a new and improved garage can increase the value of a home. A well-done garage can have a 75-85% return on investment. That’s a significant increase in value.  

Adding value to your home can be a wise investment in this housing market. Garage renovations improve resale value.  

So, regardless of what direction the remodel goes, the investment is worth it, even if it’s just to spruce up the garage space and make it more functional for its intended purpose. 

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Where Can Remodelers Find Garage Makeover Inspiration? 

A makeover is exciting. It’s a chance to completely convert a space and create something innovative and fun for your client.  

So, where do you find the inspiration? How do you come up with the right design?  

Let’s explore a few ways a remodeler can find inspiration and ideas for a garage remodel project: 

Envision a Layout That Suits Your Client’s Needs. 

Each client is going to have a different vision for what they want their garage to become.  

Once you have a project request, you can start researching and brainstorming designs that suit your client’s space and intent. Even if your client prefers to give you creative control, keep the design consistent with their home or dreams. 

Start generating some rough sketches to get a feel for how the client’s ideas would work in the space and work from there. Even the most generic remodel can be personalized, which helps make a room feel much more like home.  

Explore Different Design Themes and Aesthetics. 

A customized garage could become anything. Your client may want an extravagant remodel into a high-end Airbnb space or to build a rustic western-themed bar. The possibilities here are endless.  

Depending on what type of remodel you’re doing, you can explore design options on various blogs, websites, or in home design magazines. These are great resources for finding aesthetics and ideas that would flow with your clients’ homes.  

Think Outside of the Box. 

A garage renovation is meant to improve the home. So, how can a remodel do this? What functionality can the garage add that the home doesn’t already have?  

Get creative and innovative. The more fun and exciting ideas you can present your clients with, the more options they’ll have. This enhances your customer’s experience with your company and can make the project more fun for you as well. 

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7 Creative Dream Garage Remodel Ideas 

Popular garage remodels aim to add utility, functionality, and value to the home. Every homeowner’s dream will look different. It depends on the home, the people, what their goals are, and what their budget looks like.  

Fortunately, the average garage offers a pretty blank slate. The open floor plan and simple build give home improvement companies a lot to work with. The vision can be creative, and your team can play with the design and layout.  

Here are some popular, fun, and exciting ideas for a garage remodel: 

1. Home Gym 

    A home gym is a luxury option for clients focused on fitness. Health and fitness are essential to our well-being, but finding the time to make it to the gym can be hard. A home gym provides convenience and privacy.  

    This option is great for anyone looking to improve their health. It can inspire more workouts and transform the space into something that does some good. 

    2. Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) 

      A garage could easily be converted into a studio apartment or one-bedroom rental. Adding an ADU can increase the home’s value and create extra monthly income. The extra unit can be rented out monthly, listed on Airbnb, or used for extended family members. 

      This is a great option for anyone looking to add some extra income, reduce monthly expenses, or create space for more family.  

      Some areas do have restrictions and regulations around ADUs, such as size and usage. Be sure to research them before you offer this as an option. 

      3. Woodworking Shop 

        A woodworking shop is a craftsman’s dream. Designing a functional space with storage and equipment to help complete projects or advance a woodworking business.  

        This is the perfect option for contractors, architects, or hobby woodworkers. A woodshop can help with even the simplest of home projects.  

        4. Art Studio 

          Building an art studio brings creativity and a designated art space into the home. This space could have a sink to clean supplies, built-in storage, a large craft table, and added lighting.  

          A home studio provides space to get creative, whatever the art or craft is.  

          This is a great option for artists of any kind or even just your average crafter. It can be an especially fun option for families with little ones. An art studio gives kids a space to be playful without making the house messy.   

          5. Home Office 

            Roughly 14% of all working adults are now remote employees. That means a good portion of people are working from home rather than on-site.  

            Working from home sounds ideal, but getting work done without a quiet space can be hard. Converting the garage into an organized and efficient home office is a great option for remote workers.  

            Personalized office space gives clients the option to improve the functionality of their workday and have a focused workspace. This can increase workflow and productivity. It can also create some separation between work life and home life.  

            6. Home Theater 

              For those looking to add more fun to their homes, why not a home theater? This is a fun option for families or clients who want to add a little flare to their home.  

              You can build a theater to be as complex or simple as their budget allows. Extensive sound systems, snack bars, and stadium seating are all luxe options. 

              A home theater provides a space to retreat and relax from the daily hustle and bustle. It can also add value to a home because who wouldn’t want their own personal movie theater? 

              Consider adding extra soundproofing so your clients can enjoy movies with the big theater experience. 

              7. Bar/Entertainment Room 

                Sometimes, a space for hosting is the perfect addition to a home. The garage offers a perfect spot to be separated from the house or the kids. Adding a bar, a pool table, or just a nice, comfortable space to host guests is a popular “dream” garage concept.  

                Bars can be a great way to bring some fun energy into the home and have a place to unwind after a long day. They also can be extremely personalized, which is a great touch to any house.  

                This is great for your whiskey collectors, party throwers, stressed CEOs, or tired parents. Really, a bar is a unique and creative hosting space for anyone.  

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                Top Tips When Thinking of Garage Remodel Ideas 

                Before you begin to offer garage renovations to your clients, you should do some research.  

                Having a plan and some inspiration will help attract clients and bring in more business. Show your clients what you can do for them and have some ideas ready before taking on the project.  

                Here are a few tips for coming up with renovation ideas: 

                Explore Pinboard Sites for Aesthetic Ideas. 

                Pinterest and Houzz are great places to source concepts, designs, and aesthetics. You can create a board for each mood or project, and the website will generate similar options for you to explore. It will also help keep your ideas all in one place. 

                These platforms offer photos, design plans, how-to’s, and many other helpful tips. Both are great resources for gathering ideas and inspiration from other remodelers.  

                Houzz also provides shopping links to products within the photos. If clients see a particular fixture or feature that they like, you may be able to easily track it down.  

                Put Together a Catalog of Ideas. 

                Consider compiling some sample garage renovations and ideas. A catalog of remodel options can show your clients all the possibilities for their space.  

                This is a great place to start the conversation and get some inspiration flowing. A catalog is especially helpful for clients who aren’t sure what direction to take.  

                Send Out a Marketing Email to Ask for Client Feedback.  

                Client feedback is a great way to gather ideas. What has worked well for your clients in the past? What would they like to see in their dream garage?  

                Sending out an email to your clients and requesting input or ideas might bring in some inspiration. Feedback is a great resource for improving business and providing services to meet your clients’ needs.  

                Add a Quote Request Form on Your Website. 

                If you don’t already have one, try adding a quote request form to your website.  

                This is a great place to gather information from clients. They can send you a short intro and explanation of their vision for the renovation. You can add fields that request budget, dimensions, and a concept for the remodel.  

                This not only helps you execute individual projects but also helps you gather information and parameters for future garage renovations.  

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