4 Key Software Features Every Roofing Contractor Needs

Overcome everyday business challenges and grow your roofing business with the right technology and tools.  Here at MarketSharp, we’re proud to have home pros with a range of specializations using our contractor-specific CRM system. For that reason, we’re dedicated to educating ourselves about our customers’ different crafts to provide the best resources and expert advice […]

4 Key CRM Integrations Every Contractor Should Be Using

People moving puzzle pieces together as a way to show how systems can connect and integrate with each other

Like peanut butter and jelly, the systems you use day-to-day are powerful on their own but even better when combined.   While you’re now probably craving a PB&J, try to think about the amount of time you spend each day switching applications and copying information from one software to another. Don’t forget to include the […]