Contractors: Is Your “Pen & Paper” Sales Process Killing Your Close Rates?

Manual Estimates & Contracts Drawn Up By Hand Are Inefficient, Time Consuming & Prone To Error.

Fact: If you’re a contractor who still draws up estimates and contracts by hand, you’re hurting your business. Sales-wise. Efficiency-wise. Productivity-wise. Everything-wise.

Manually drawn-up contracts and estimates are inefficient, time-consuming, and prone to error. All of which can result in a once raring-to-go prospect getting cold feet.

Here are a few ways handwritten estimates and contracts hinder operations:

  • Handwritten estimates are laborious and not always 100% accurate. They get even more time consuming and mistake-prone when your prospect wants to explore multiple options.
  • Printed contracts and estimates can get lost, misplaced, or accidentally thrown away.
  • Sloppy penmanship can be hard to read, which may result in the wrong materials being ordered.
  • If you’re on a sales calls and forget a document, then—oops!—you have to run back to the office to get it. (How do you think the homeowner feels about that?)
  • Employees sifting through filing cabinets in search of a record or contract can add up to some serious labor hours by year’s end.
  • And let’s face it: stacks upon stacks of papers can quickly take up a huge chunk of your workspace. (When’s the last time you saw the top of your desk?)

If your office if inundated in paperwork… It’s costing you serious time and money.

The problems with print are why more and more contractors are going “digital” with their sales processes. By utilizing software that allows them to create estimates, contracts, and other important documents digitally, contractors are radically improving their businesses (and sales!) for the better.

Here’s how:

  • Measurement inputs, product selection, and cost calculations are automated to create instant (and 100% accurate) estimates that can be customized on the fly. You cut down on your estimate times, making customers happy and allowing you to set more appointments per day.
  • EVERY document is ALWAYS accessible. No more sales-killing “oops” trips back to the office; no more misplaced paperwork.
  • It’s safe and protected. Today’s digital-estimate programs contain high-security encryption that keeps data 100% safe.
  • No mistakes made or wrong parts ordered due to poor penmanship.
  • No need to go back to the office to draw up the contract; you can capture a customer’s signature digitally DURING your presentation.
  • Save your precious office space; see the top of your desk again.
  • And if you prefer physical copies to digital copies, you can still print everything out.

Here are a few digital-estimation apps that integrate with MarketSharp to bring your estimating and sales processes into the 21st century… and your sales to new levels.

Digital, Paper-Free Estimating Eliminates Inefficiencies,
Saves Time And Money & Increases Close Rates.

Leap is an innovative, easy-to-use digital contracting and estimating program for tablet devices. Leap automates and digitizes processes contractors normally do by hand. The result is saved time, saved money, and a supercharged in-home sales process. When you use Leap during an estimate, you will experience happier customers and higher close rates.

What Contactors Love About Leap:

  • Integrates with your product catalog. Your sales reps can instantly add and customize measurements and quantities for 100% accurate estimates.
  • Create clean, customized digital contracts. Capture your prospect’s signature digitally to close the deal on the spot!
  • Have prospects apply for financing and sign loan documents on-site through the financing tool.

What Contactors Say About Leap:

“If you are in the sales business, you’re doing your company a disservice if you’re NOT using Leap.”
-John Beldon, Beldon Group of Companies

One Click ContractorOne Click Contractor
Take Your In-Home Sales Process Digital To Improve Presentations,
Fast-Track Close-Rate Times, And Dramatically Boost Sales.

Built specifically for contractors, by contractors, One Click Contractor is a state-of-the-art measurement, visualization, and estimating program. While most programs restrict you to a few templates (forcing you to change your processes to accommodate), One Click Contractor is completely customizable to fit YOUR methods.

What Contractors Love About One Click Contractor:

  • Immediate measurements drastically reduce appointment time while increasing homeowner satisfaction.
  • Customized product catalogs and a powerful visualization tool allow you to show your prospect a beautiful 3D rendering of their project during the presentation.
  • Features like quick and convenient financing, digital signature capture, and custom-tailored contracts allow you to close ON THE SPOT.

What Contractors Are Saying About One Click Contractor:

“Homeowners are digging it, and I’m selling. Instead of driving around, I’m spending that time preparing. Now prep time is 10 minutes because everything is automated in the software.”
-Mike, K&B Home Remodelers

If you’d like to know more about these programs—and how MarketSharp CRM can dramatically improve your business in 2018—contact us today. We would love to answer your questions or give you a tour of MarketSharp CRM with a live demonstration.

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