Start making more sales today when you see how Leap and MarketSharp enhance the speed of completing a sale!

The integration with MarketSharp allows you to save an incredible amount of time. For instance, all your leads with appointments will populate in Leap directly from MarketSharp, you can result appointments to trigger a marketing activity and the estimate result sheets, contracts and proposals can be viewed and saved as attachments.

Leap provides a fast, hassle-free and accurate way of inputting measurements, making product selections, and finalizing a professional estimate that will help you close more sales.

Here’s just a few more ways Leap can benefit your sales process:

  • Leap makes everything PAPERLESS!
  • Errors resulting from handwritten proposals and contracts are a thing of the past!
  • Integrations with product vendors, financing options and your CRM make closing sales faster and easier!
  • Spend more time selling with less time calculating and filling out forms! Leap does all the work for you!
  • Forget about reading financing rate sheets... Leap has them built in. Calculate financing terms, submit credit applications and receive a lender's decision in seconds!

To see Leap in action and how it integrates with MarketSharp, check out the webcast: The Future of Selling – An Overview of Leap.

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Leap has found the answer for a completely paperless, in-home sales process!

Leap allows you to create multiple product estimates and proposals during your in-home sales presentation right on your tablet! And, you’ll close more deals by offering direct-response financing options and immediately capturing the homeowner’s signature. Finally, an industry- specific, real-time estimating tool!

With Leap, you can easily customize and convert your current measurement forms, price guides, proposals, credit applications, contracts and brochures to a digital format, all in ONE application. Secure third-party financing from the application, where customers can sign financing documents and contracts right on the tablet in real-time.

All documentation can be neatly emailed to your customer and uploaded right to your MarketSharp CRM at the touch of a button.

Leap doesn’t change what you do, we just make it a whole lot easier. Leap can be downloaded right from Apple’s App Store.

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