2023 Home Improvement Industry Trend Report: A Recession (?)

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the home improvement industry experienced a buying boom. Homeowners went on a spending spree, fueled by pent-up demand and historically low interest rates.   This red-hot consumer spending, coupled with supply-chain issues, a tightening labor market, and other economic pressure points, led to ballooning inflation. And, well, you know […]

How to Create Better Bids for Storm Door & Window Installation

Bidding for storm door and window projects is hard. You can’t expect to win every time, but you can take steps to improve your win rate. Here is how to create better bids to get more storm window and door installation projects. Bidding for storm door and window projects is hard. Some customers bid on […]

7 Steps for Creating a Remodeling Business Plan

Are you ready to start your own remodeling business or reorganize your existing company? Get off to a great start by creating a business plan. A remodeling business plan can make the difference between success or merely surviving. Here’s why. According to a 2021 LendingTree survey, “lack of financing” is the biggest roadblock for 40% of […]

5 Ways to Improve Your Speed to Lead

[FREE Infographic] The second a lead comes in through a web form, the clock starts ticking. Are you executing the 5 key steps to reach customers first?

How to Prevent Employee Burnout at Your Home Improvement Company

prevent employee burnout

Employee burnout, also known as job burnout, can sneak up quickly and be difficult to reverse; so, how can you prevent it from happening in the first place? Have you ever felt so over your job that just the idea of going to work makes you tired? Maybe you’ve even called in ‘sick’ to avoid […]

The Good, Better, Best Approach – does it work?

good better best pricing

A tiered pricing strategy may just be the key to closing more deals and increasing your average job size. Good, Better, Best pricing – also known as tiered pricing – is a pretty straightforward concept. Essentially, product or service options are presented to consumers at gradually increased prices over each tier, with each option adding […]

3 Bad Email Habits You Should Leave Behind in 2020

Avoid leaving a bad impression or losing business by stepping up your email game in the new year! Emails often get a bad rap: they flood your inbox, can suck up all your time, and even occasionally lead to misunderstandings. However, when used correctly, email can be a highly effective tool for communicating with your […]

The 5 Minute Rule: How to Streamline Your Lead Response Time

lead response time

Did you know that new lead inquiries convert 22 times more often when contact is made in 5 minutes or less? If you don’t reply to a lead inquiry quickly, someone else will. It’s as simple as that. When a lead contacts your home improvement company, time is of the essence. By responding instantly, you […]

4 Key CRM Integrations Every Contractor Should Be Using

People moving puzzle pieces together as a way to show how systems can connect and integrate with each other

Like peanut butter and jelly, the systems you use day-to-day are powerful on their own but even better when combined.   While you’re now probably craving a PB&J, try to think about the amount of time you spend each day switching applications and copying information from one software to another. Don’t forget to include the […]

3 Ways Remodelers Can Improve the Customer Experience and Exceed Expectations

Scale with 3 categories: sad customer, impartial customer and happy customer. The gauge is pointing toward the happy customer

Keep your customers coming back for more with a customer experience that sets off fireworks.   While good conversation and light-hearted humor are great ways to build rapport with a potential customer, guaranteeing their satisfaction requires you to do more than just talk the talk. To really charm the heck out of your customers and […]