Finding the Perfect Remodeling Business Name: 6 Ideas to Inspire You   

Are you ready to make your remodeling business official? The big reveal starts with a great name. 

It’s about more than finding an acceptable name for a remodeling business. It should say something about you.  

What reflects your brand and niche focus? What sums up your company vision and, at the same time, sounds memorable, trustworthy, and appealing to your target audience? 

If you’re struggling to find the right words, we’ll share six ideas to help you. You’ll also find dozens of sample remodeling business names throughout this article to inspire you. 

How Important Is the Name of Your Remodeling Business? 

At its most basic, your business name might be just a few words, but the words you choose are a big deal. 

Your business name impacts your brand. 

It reflects your values and vision. Potential customers use it to decide if they like your brand or not. 

It defines how your company is perceived. Business-friendly, family-owned, luxury-focused—what’s the impression you want to give about your business? You can influence this impression through your name. 

It can also help potential customers find you online. A remodeling business name with the right words for local SEO can help your business rise to the top of search results. 

Your company name even sets the stage for your future. A timeless name allows your business to shine for decades. One that can’t grow with you could hold you back. 

You have to consider all these factors when brainstorming a name. It’s a lot to pack into two to four words, and it’s not that easy.  

However, with a few useful ideas to help you get started, you’ll have a winning shortlist to sift through in no time. 

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Crafting Your Remodeling Business Name 

Creating a business name is a process that involves brainstorming, research, and strategy. You need to start with a well of ideas, then narrow down your options until you have the perfect words to represent your brand. 

Here are six ideas to inspire your process: 

1. Tap Into Local Appeal. 

One of the simplest solutions to finding a good business name for a local business is to use your location. 

If locals feel pride in their neighborhood, city, or town, a local name can make your brand sound trustworthy. Use a general city, a specific neighborhood, or even a local landmark. Local names are also easy to recognize. 

[City] Remodeling Services, [Landmark] Home Renovations, [Suburb] Building Co.—these are all worthwhile names. They’re easy to remember, and they’re searchable. 

2. Factor in Local SEO. 

When someone gets online to find a contractor for their renovation, what will they search for? 

They might use search terms like these: 

  • Remodeling business in [city] 
  • Remodeling services near me 
  • Home remodel in [city] 
  • Kitchen renovators in [city] 

If your business name has these terms or something similar, it will rank higher. SEO researchers have found a direct link between keywords in the business name and ranking results. That goes for your website and your Google Business Profile. 

Here’s the thing: 21% of consumers use the internet to find a local business every day. So, factoring in local search terms can boost your business online and help increase sales. 

But this strategy doesn’t always work. Say a local competitor has a similar business name. They’re called Springfield Remodeling Company, and you call your business Springfield Remodeling Pros. In that case, your business might sink in search results. 

That’s why the next step, market research, is so important. You need to know what other names are out there in your region and why your competitors chose them. 

3. Research Your Market. 

Who is your target audience for your remodeling services? Who are you competing with? You need to research your ideal customers and competitors to better understand what type of name will help you succeed in your local area. 

Who Are Your Ideal Buyers? 

What does your target audience value most? If you want your values to clearly align with theirs, use their values in your name. 

For instance, are they budget-conscious? Then, consider names that indicate value, such as: 

  • Budget Builders 
  • We Fix Homes 
  • Value Renovations 
  • Handyman Remodeling 

Do they value energy-efficient upgrades? Try business names like: 

  • EcoCraft Remodeling 
  • Sustainable Spaces Remodeling 
  • Green Home Builders 

Maybe they want on-trend design and have the budget for high-end upgrades. Then, pick names that evoke a luxe, modern feel. Here are some ideas: 

  • Modern Edge Remodels 
  • Craftsmen Renovations 
  • Five-Star Remodeling 
  • [Last name] Luxury Homes 
  • [City name] Design & Renovation 

Who Are Your Competitors? 

Also, research your competitors’ business names. What are the most successful remodeling and construction businesses in your area? Are there any commonalities in their names? 

If so, that tells you something about what resonates within your market. For instance, if the top competitors have words like “pros” and “expert” in their name, you know your audience is looking for professionalism. 

At the same time, look for ways to make your business name stand out. It should be distinctly different. So, if there’s a “Reimagined Homes” in your market, don’t choose anything similar. That could confuse your customers. You also might run into legal trouble. 

4. Incorporate Your USP. 

There’s generic ketchup, and then there’s Heinz. What would you prefer to buy?  

A business name should promote brand recognition and trust. Generic names don’t offer anything for customers to sink their teeth into. Uniqueness does. 

In the home remodeling industry, your ticket out of a sea of similar business might be your unique sales proposition (USP). Your USP is what your business offers that other renovation companies don’t. 

It might be: 

  • Attention to detail 
  • Years of experience 
  • Good prices and supplier connections 
  • Craftsmanship 
  • Creativity 
  • Honesty 
  • Niche expertise 

Let your market know why they should choose your remodeling business by incorporating your main USP in your name. 

If it’s honesty, consider using your family name. Nothing is more trustworthy than a family-owned business. 

If it’s creativity, use a creative name. Here are a few creative remodeling business name ideas: 

  • Visionary Spaces 
  • Reimagine Renovations 
  • Evolve Remodeling 
  • Innovate Home Renovations 

If it’s quality and craftsmanship, try names like: 

  • Precision Builders 
  • Renovation Masters 
  • Craftsman Design and Building 

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5. Keep It Simple. 

The possibilities are endless, which is why narrowing down the aspects that matter most is important. 

While extravagant and catchy names may capture interest, there is value in keeping it simple and timeless. 

A simple business name won’t get old. It’s also easier to remember.  

With a simple business name, you have the flexibility to evolve your brand over the years without having to make a name change. 

Here are five simple remodeling business name ideas that work: 

  • Renewal Home Crafters 
  • Refresh Renovations 
  • Kitchen and Bath Remodeling 
  • Quality Renovations 
  • Expert Home Remodels 

6. Evoke Emotion. 

Still searching for ideas? If you haven’t hit on anything yet, you may want to try playing to customer’s emotions regarding their homes. 

Draw on your market’s pain points and desires to create a business name that evokes an emotional reaction. If they feel something positive, inspiring, or compelling when they see your name, they might contact your business first when they want a quote. 

Here are examples: 

  • Serenity Designs 
  • Nostalgic Home Renovations 
  • Inspiration Builders 
  • Soulful Home Transformations 
  • Creative Spaces Renovations 

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