Post-COVID-19: What’s the New Normal?

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Adapting Your Remodeling Business to Meet Changing Consumer Behavior    Over the last few months, COVID-19 has had a huge impact on our way of life. It’s changed the way we work, how we think and even our buying habits. While reopening policies vary from state to state, we are already seeing businesses get back […]

Stepping Up Your CRM Skills!

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There is no magic formula to increase customer satisfaction and generate qualified leads. The closest thing to magic is a CRM software: a tool that can organize, automate and synchronize every aspect of your business, your customers included! Forget the days of laboriously organizing spreadsheets and rifling through Post-its for a customer’s information. By utilizing […]

Cut Cash Flow Delays: Our Two Cents on Payment Processing and Financing for Home Pros!

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In a world where people are more conscious than ever about what they touch, digital payment processing and financing solutions can help. Organizations are urging the public to avoid cash transactions, and companies like VISA and MasterCard have begun raising limits on tap-to-pay cards. With consumers leaning on digital wallets and electronic transactions like never […]

Why Revisit Direct Mail

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There’s no doubt COVID-19 has fundamentally changed the way we not only do business, but the way we live out every aspect of our lives. Though the impacts of today’s business disruption are real, the show must go on – marketing efforts included. Speaking of important marketing efforts, direct mail’s time is here, and it’s […]

Breaking Down the CARES Act – Free eBook

A Complete Guide to the SBA CARES Act

We know you’re working double time and are trying your best to adapt to the new demanding business climate we’ve all found ourselves in recently. During times like these, please be assured that our entire team at MarketSharp is dedicated to making sure you have the resources you need to support your business’s success, as well […]

2 Simple Steps to Leveraging Your Unsold Leads

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As business regulations and COVID-19 warnings & recommendations change daily, you might be finding yourself constantly looking for new ways to increase your lead flow.  Look no further! You can substantially increase your lead flow without generating new leads, yes you heard us right! Your unsold leads are a fantastic source of new business. These […]

Creating Lifetime Customers: 6 Ways to Leverage Your Past Customers

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With new disruptions to today’s business operations, unlike most have ever seen, it’s time to start leveraging your largest, if not most valuable asset you have: your past customers.  There’s no doubt that the COVID-19 pandemic is impacting the day-to-day activities of the remodeling and home improvement industries. Which is why, contractors and home improvement […]

7 ways a CRM software can help with today’s business disruption

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Your business needs you, a CRM can help! During times like these, you might be asking yourself what you can do to improve your businesses’ continuity and success, and trust us we are too. There’s no doubt, extraordinary conditions in your business require extraordinary responses. These times must be met with exceptional determination, empathy and […]