Cut Cash Flow Delays: Our Two Cents on Payment Processing and Financing for Home Pros!

In a world where people are more conscious than ever about what they touch, digital payment processing and financing solutions can help.

Organizations are urging the public to avoid cash transactions, and companies like VISA and MasterCard have begun raising limits on tap-to-pay cards. With consumers leaning on digital wallets and electronic transactions like never before, ask yourself “is my business prepared?”. By embracing contactless payment processing and financing solutions during today’s business disruption, you can elevate your company and open the door for growth.

Integrating your CRM with a payment processing tool like PaySimple can streamline billing and payment acceptance, ultimately saving you valuable time and money. PaySimple’s existing integration with MarketSharp’s CRM has proven to help businesses retain customers, reduce billing disputes and ensure you get paid on time to increase cash flow.

And let’s not forget about homeowner financing solutions! More customers say “yes” when offered flexible financing options, helping you to get paid faster and close more deals. Grow your business and keep your customers happy with solutions powered by GreenSky or Mosaic.


Man in plaid blue shirt pass credit card to sales rep


Why should your business leverage technology with payments?

There’s never been a better time to focus on improving your business. Prepare for the future now while you have the time, by integrating payments and financing solutions into your business operations. Here are some key benefits of why you should implement automated payment processing and flexible financing options:



Promote Safety

While money has always carried a reputation for being dirty, handling cash nowadays can pose serious health risks to consumers. By accepting online payments, both you and your customers can avoid entering pin codes and using communal pens for signatures.

Boost Your Cash Flow

Setting up automated billing offers small businesses a reliable cash flow and insight to when your payments will be processed every month, letting you plan on how to reinvest your money. A platform like PaySimple allows you to setup both one-time and recurring credit card payments, creating a more predictable revenue stream. Offering finance plans from lenders like GreenSky or Mosaic present even more payment options for consumers, ultimately increasing the amount of cash in your pipeline and number of deals you close.

Save Time

Integrating your CRM with a payment solution like PaySimple can help minimize the time and energy your team is spending creating, sending and processing invoices. Get paid for the work you’re doing on the spot and give yourself more time to tend to other business matters.

With MarketSharp and PaySimple, we don’t have to chase payments or verify transactions between systems, so we can spend more time on what is most important – helping the customer.

– Diane Deml, The Board Store. 

If you’re not already, a great way to increase efficiency further is to sync your payment processing platform with an accounting tool, like QuickBooks Online. By itself, Quickbooks Online allows you to automate areas of your financial process, such as invoice creation. When an accounting tool is integrated with a payment processing tool, like PaySimple, you can automatically sync payment data in real-time.

Offer Stronger Security

By offering secure payments, you and your customers have one less thing to worry about. Advancements in technology are making online payment processing more secure, but fraudulent activity still exists and can delay cash flow. When processing customer payments, treat your customers’ data as carefully as you’d treat your own. If you choose to integrate with PaySimple, you won’t need to worry – you have a trusted partner who provides a secure, PCI compliant payment processing solution.


Considering the benefits, it’s a no-brainer to go contactless – especially amidst all the COVID-19 craziness. Not having to exchange cash or checks makes it easier on you and the customer, while keeping you both safe. By leveraging technology and a few payment and financing partners, you can avoid health risks, manage your cash flow and get paid sooner. So, what are you waiting for? Open the door for growth in your business with contactless payments and flexible financing.

Learn more about how MarketSharp’s integration with PaySimple can benefit your business today!