4 Reasons Why You Can’t Afford to Slack on Customer Feedback

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Automated Customer Feedback To Improve Customer Relationships and Boost Your Online Reputation

Companies everywhere are focusing massive amounts of time and resources on customer experience in 2018, because, well, it matters. Studies show that everything from customer retention and online reputation to sales growth and profitability are directly linked to the strength of your relationship with your customers. The best way to ensure your providing the best customer experience possible is to work with your customers to create more value in your business.

MarketSharp makes sure you can make a customer interaction as smooth and simple as possible for everyone involved, but we’re taking it a step further. With Listen360, a customer feedback and engagement platform, you can see the evidence of your hard work and improve customer relations well into the future.

Listen360 compiles customer feedback in real time and in one place, so you can address complaints quickly, keep existing customers happy, and win even more referrals. Many companies are seeing the benefits of using a customer feedback system to bolster their customer experience strategies. Check out the latest customer Case Study about using MarketSharp CRM in conjunction with Listen360 customer feedback to profitably manage (and automate) all aspects of the customer experience from Royal Covers.

Here are 4 quick, but important reasons having a feedback system is essential to continual growth in your business.

  1. Customers Have All the Answers
    Nobody knows your customers quite like your customers themselves. Countless business have discovered very specific, small details that are helping or hurting on a service level. By using information from feedback to fine-tune behaviors at the employee level, they have seen an increase in sales and retention.
  2. Online is Everything
    Let’s face it, online reviews are unavoidable, and they can make or break a business in a heavy referral industry like home improvement. With Listen360’s real-time feedback, you’ll be aware of unhappy customers well before their opinions hit the web. This gives you an opportunity to reach out, fix the problem, and turn a potentially scathing review into a glowing recommendation.
  3. Blessings in Disguise
    While online reputation is huge, word of mouth still plays a large role in home improvement. A 2017 study from American Express found that unhappy customers will tell 15 people about their experience while delighted customers only tell 11 others. The fact that you’re paying attention and acting on feedback could be the difference between generating or losing those 4 extra customers. If you don’t, testimonials from those unhappy customers will quickly outstrip those of the satisfied ones.
  4. Simplicity Drives Success
    Running a home improvement business is no cake walk, and you need all the extra time and resources you can get. That’s why you’ve automated your lead management with MarketSharp. Automating another important aspect of your business will give you peace of mind, actionable data, and let you focus on what matters most: serving your customers. You should never have to choose between caring for your customers and growing your business, and with MarketSharp’s seamless integration with Listen360, you certainly won’t have to.

Would you like to use genuine feedback to increase customer retention and loyalty? Check out the seamless integration with MarketSharp and Listent360!