Success Story: MarketSharp + John McCarter Construction

How 'John McCarter Construction' Used MarketSharp to Centralize Their Data and Manage Customer Communications

“I believe MarketSharp is part of the reason we have been able to grow our company each year.”
-Diana McCarter, Office Manager, John McCarter Construction

The Challenge

Limited Tracking Abilities

John McCarter Construction – a residential exterior remodeling company – used to run like the wild, wild west.

In other words, their key data was all over the place, and everyone was doing their own thing when it came to managing customer and prospect information. Some people at the company were storing notes in their Outlook accounts, others were scribbling on post-its, and no one was on the same page. 

Higher-ups at John McCarter quickly realized that if an employee left, there would be no easy way to access the company data that employee was responsible for. According to Diana McCarter, Office Manager at John McCarter Construction, the business needed a streamlined way to track all communication with their customers and leads in one place. That’s when MarketSharp, an industry-specific CRM system for home improvement pros, came into the picture.

The Solution

A Centralized Database

MarketSharp was designed to help home improvement companies centralize their prospect, lead, and customer information – something that had become a significant issue for John McCarter. Lucky for them though, MarketSharp quickly became the ‘hub’ that everything else was organized around. And as the team got more friendly with MarketSharp’s system, they began to realize that it could offer them more than they initially thought.

Several aspects of MarketSharp’s system have played a huge role in their day-to-day workflow: including its automated communications and scheduling capabilities.


“We started out just using MarketSharp to track customer communication: calls, mailings and sales appointments. Adding production scheduling with MarketSharp was a big change for us and has been a very positive experience.”

Diana McCarter

Office Manager, John McCarter Construction

Worker and young man at construction site in home on tablet

The Results

Getting the Whole Picture

Now, the team at John McCarter Construction can use MarketSharp to get a full history of any lead or customer. Every activity that’s occurred, every communication that’s gone out, and every effort that’s been made with their clients is documented in the system. 

Though – organization isn’t the only impact MarketSharp has made on the company. MarketSharp has given the team more visibility into which resources are available for production scheduling, helping them ensure that everyone has something to do and is never waiting around for the next job to start. This has not only increased their overall efficiency and productivity, but also has enabled the company to grow.

Ultimately, one of the biggest benefits of a CRM system like MarketSharp is its ability to help businesses set and effectively follow processes. For that reason, John McCarter Construction is no longer run like the wild, wild, west – MarketSharp has allowed them to be uniform in how workflows are carried out, even now that the company has multiple offices.


Learn how MarketSharp can help your home improvement business establish successful processes, streamline customer communications and increase efficiency.

About John McCarter Construction

Since 1991, John McCarter Construction has offered quality roofing, window, door, and James Hardie siding installation services to the Detroit, Michigan area. The company employs mul­ti­ple car­pen­ters, painters, a full-time office and pro­duc­tion staff, and a dedicated service department for exterior repairs. Everyone on the John McCarter team is fully trained and certified to provide the best quality repairs in the area.