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MarketSharp & Keyword Connects Launch Integrated Appointment Setting for Home Improvement Companies

Two Industry Leaders Team for Enhanced Results

La Crosse, WI – MarketSharp® Software today announced that, together with Keyword Connects, they have launched an integrated appointment setting service for home improvement companies. The innovative offering extends the MarketSharpm online customer scheduling and tracking system by coupling it with Keyword’s service of setting in-home sales appointments.

The new service for home improvement companies ensures professional response on their inbound telephone sales leads, and immediate call backs of their Web leads. Keyword‘s trained appointment setters will schedule in-home meetings with homeowners and then log the date, time and other details directly into the MarketSharpm system.

“Studies show that the faster home improvement companies respond to a sales lead, the more likely they’ll be able to set an in-home appointment and ultimately close the sale,” noted Tim Musch, MarketSharp’s Director of Business Development. “Through this unique offering, home improvement companies ensure a professional response for their inbound telephone sales leads and immediate call-backs for their Web leads. Our partnership with Keyword ensures that our clients generate maximum revenues in this tough economy.”

In addition to setting appointments, Keyword confirms the appointments it sets with homeowners 24 hours prior to each meeting. Keyword also re-sets missed appointments. Additionally, as a performance marketing company that matches its objectives with those of its clients, Keyword charges only on the basis of the in-home sales meetings that actually take place.

“Our new, joint offering allows home improvement companies to focus on selling and installing product, not staffing expensive, high-performance telephone centers”, said Paul Baudisch, Co-Founder of Keyword Connects. “MarketSharp shares our objective of putting clients’ sales reps in front of the maximum number of interested homeowners. Our partnership enables each of our core competencies to complement one another; we at Keyword Connects are delighted about this ideal pairing.”

MarketSharpm, a marketing and management system for the home improvement industry, provides users advanced functionality in a number of areas. These include:

  • Lead generation and marketing
  • Searching and filtering for instant data retrieval,
  • Lead, customer and job tracking
  • Production and service management
  • Reporting and data analysis.

Operating on a Web-based platform, MarketSharpm allows users access from any computer connected to the Internet. MarketSharpm is priced as a monthly subscription fee.

About MarketSharp

MarketSharp Software is one of the fastest growing software design and marketing consultancy companies specifically geared toward the remodeling industry. MarketSharp has helped thousands of remodeling businesses throughout America use software as an extremely powerful and effective sales, marketing and management tool. For more information, visit MarketSharp’s Web site at or call 800-335-4254.

About Keyword Connects

Keyword Connects is a performance marketing company serving home improvement companies. The firm generates the industry’s highest-quality sales leads and in-home sales appointments. Keyword runs hundreds of risk-free, online lead generation campaigns that produce exclusive, branded sales leads and appointments. For more information, visit the Keyword Connects Web site at or call 781-899-3675.