How to Turn Your Business into a Profit Producing Machine

Plan, Prepare, Profit: Home Remodeler Spring Cleaning 2 Part Webinar Series

Last month, MarketSharp hosted the Prevail webinar series. This two-part series gathered some of the industry’s leading minds to share actionable insight on turning your home improvement business into a profit-producing machine.

These videos feature the most up-to-date data on inflation, labor availability, strategies for creating a modern sales process, new homeowner behavior insights, and legal advice utilized by big-box retailers and $100 million contractors. If you missed the live series, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. In this article, you’ll find both webinars ready to watch for free and shorter video segments containing must-watch highlights from the series. 

Webinar 1

Be Aware & Prepare:
Legal and Industry Insight for 2022

Join the industry’s leading law firm and chief economist from Angi’s to discuss the real-world risks to the remodeling contractor in 2022 and how to avoid them. Why do so many contractors find success in lead generation and sales, only to go out of business a year later? Understand where advice from consultants causes more harm than good – and why. Learn how to build, protect and defend your specialty remodeling operations in 2022. The ultimate goal? Keep the money you make and avoid the legal nightmares that can take out your business.

Webinar 2

Home Owner Insights:
Building the Modern Remodeling Experience

Homeowners’ buying habits have changed. They’ve become accustomed to a modern sales experience and new tools and sales techniques, such as digital and social selling, to receive their desired product. These industry experts dive into how and where homeowners are buying, replicating the modern buyer experience, best practices in engaging with the homeowner, and so much more.

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Below are must-watch highlights from the Prevail webinar series.

Legal Advice Every
Contractor Should Know

D.S. Berenson is one of the top attorneys specializing in home improvement law. He’s served as general and special counsel to contractors, remodeling industry manufacturers, and trade associations. In this video, Berenson draws on his years of legal expertise to share his brick wall method to protect home improvement companies and other tactics to keep your business legally and financially secure.

Building a Brick Wall of
Protection Around Your Business

D.S. Berenson pinpoints subcontractors as a significant threat to home improvement companies. The legal gray area around their employment status can trigger sprawling litigation —even class-action lawsuits— against your business. In this clip, Berenson outlines the critical steps you must take to build a legal brick wall of protection around your company.

The Critical Bricks in Your Wall:

  • Written Agreement
  • Hiring IBEs
  • Filing Under EIN
  • Pay-Per-Job
  • Work For Others
  • IRS 1099 MISC
  • Tax Returns

Inflation and the
Home Improvement Industry

Mischa Fischer, Chief Economist at Angi, provides an authoritative overview of the economic pressures facing contractors today. In this video, you’ll learn how to prevent profit loss due to inflation and why homeowners are in a strong position to absorb rising costs.

Topics Mischa Covers:

  • Factors of inflation
  • Labor trends
  • Consumer spending
  • Housing shortages

Crafting a Modern Home
Improvement Sales Experience

Is your sales process stuck in the past? While many industries have updated their processes to meet customer expectations, Ryan Shantz argues the home improvement industry is lagging in offering a modern sales experience. In this video, he outlines how you can build and deliver a highly effective sales experience that current homeowners expect.

Elements of a Modern Sales Experience:

  • Design, content, and functionality
  • Pricing options
  • Buyer education
  • Online reviews

How Homeowner Expectations
Have Shifted in Home Improvement

The wealth of information online has enhanced the home improvement knowledge of the average homeowner and reshaped their expectations and behaviors. In this clip, Grant Farnsworth shares critical stats on changing behaviors and how contractors can use this data to create a successful partnership with their customers.

How homeowners have changed:

  • More DIY educated
  • More reliant on social media for info and reviews
  • New retailers used as suppliers
  • New purchasing methods
  • Communication preferences with contractors

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