Dawn of the Dead (Leads): How to Bring Unsold Opportunities Back to Life

With the right content and tools, you can turn dead leads into new sales.

As we’ve learned from every zombie movie out there: dead doesn’t always bringing dead lead back to life mean dead. The same goes for unsold opportunities; what you think is a dead lead might actually just be someone who wasn’t ready to buy then but is willing to buy from you eventually. So, what can you, the smart contractor, do to successfully re-engage with dead leads and turn them into customers?


Improving Your Sales Conversion

Reviving a dead lead takes some strategic planning, but it is possible, and can be cost effective. Investing in leads that went belly-up may cost your home improvement business fewer marketing dollars than chasing down new leads, so why not give it a go? And full disclosure: you can’t just reach out to a lead asking if they’re ready to buy and expect success. Instead, consider taking the following steps to help revive dead leads:


Identify When and Why Your Lead Kicked the Bucket

Before you make any contact with unsold opportunities, it’s important to know when (and if possible, why) they fell out of your sales funnel. Maybe they went MIA after you sent a quote, or maybe they asked for an appointment but never responded when you attempted to confirm it. Whatever the cause, it’s MUCH easier to pinpoint what happened with your lead when you use a CRM system. 

You should also be aware that not all dead leads are created equal. Some are great and worth your time, but some are better left to rot. A CRM system like MarketSharp can do wonders for your activity tracking and enable you to quickly identify what efforts you’ve already made with a lead – something that can help you determine whether or not a dead lead is even worth your time. Once you’ve figured out what you can about your unsold leads, categorize and segment them based on when (and if known, why) they flatlined during the sales process. For example, your categories may be similar to the following: “Unable to Confirm Appointment”, “Went with a Competitor”, “Unresponsive”, or “Quote Was Too Expensive”.


Create Tailored Messaging to Re-Engage Dead Leads

Once you’ve sorted your unsold opportunities into groups based on when or why they didn’t sell, it’s time to build out tailored marketing campaigns for each group. A CRM like MarketSharp can really come in handy here, as MarketSharp makes it easy to 1) build out drip marketing campaigns that pull key information about your leads into your messaging and 2) automate your communications. If you’re struggling to figure out what kind of content to send, here are a few ideas to get you started:

      • For the Missing in Action (MIA) Lead:

If a lead just stopped responding, try to grab their attention with a limited time offer or special deal (ex: buy 8 windows get 2 free). Also, when re-engaging with leads that went dark, look back at the primary form of contact you used before they stopped replying, and try using another way to get in touch. For example, if you only made phone calls or sent direct emails, consider leveraging direct mail, texting, or social media to reconnect with the lead.

      • For the Lead Who Thought Your Quote Was Too High:

If a lead kicked the bucket after you sent them a quote, or flat-out told you that your price was too expensive, try sharing customer testimonials and positive reviews with them that depict the quality of your service and/or workmanship. Most homeowners prefer a professional, honest contractor with a good reputation over one that’s lower priced, and if you share customer quotes that capitalize on this, you’re more likely to re-engage with your lead.

      • For the Lead Who Went with a Competitor, or Decided to DIY Their Project:

For this group of dead leads, try sending content that illustrates the importance of using a professional over doing your own project. It may also be effective to send content that highlights the experience of your project managers and installers or content that showcases past jobs that you’re particularly proud of.


Keeping the above information in mind, know that you won’t win back every single unsold opportunity. However, with the right content and tools, you can turn some dead leads into a living, breathing customers. Automation can be a game-changer when it comes to maximizing your close ratio, and MarketSharp’s industry-specific CRM system was designed to help home pros automate their everyday. With abilities to automatically track activity, execute processes, and send appointment reminders and other communications, MarketSharp can not only help you re-engage with dead leads, but also help prevent them from going cold in the first place. 

To learn more about how MarketSharp’s CRM system can help you turn unsold opportunities into profitable sales, schedule a demo with one of our team members today.