Coming Soon: Updated Mobile App Name 

If you’ve subscribed to our emails this past year, you know all about the mobile app we released in January 2022. MarketSharp Mobile 2.0 was a significant update to our mobile tools and brought a suite feature focused on empowering your sales team to do their jobs and make more sales.  

We didn’t stop working on the app after its introduction, and this month, we’re releasing an update that brings a new name to the application. 

Why RemodelerGo? 

With our upcoming update to MarketSharp Mobile 2.0, we’ll be changing the app’s name to RemodelerGo. We’d like to explain our reasoning behind this name change to our customers and our friends in the home improvement industry. 

The reasoning behind the name change is two-fold.  

1. Less Confusion, More Features

Firstly, our mobile app is not designed as the mobile-version of MarketSharp. Many of our users download the application expecting all the features of our robust, web-based CRM but that is not what our app delivers. Our mobile apps, the newly named RemodelerGo included, have always focused on delivering the tools your mobile teams need to do their jobs. Those tools include GPS navigation for appointments, easy access to tasks and to-dos, quoting tools, payment collection, and more. With that in mind, moving away from the “MarketSharp Mobile” name should reduce confusion in what the app offers: a companion app to our CRM software. 

remodelergo login

2. Different CRMs, Same Mobile Tools

Secondly, we’ve designed RemodelerGo to work with multiple CRMs, including our sister-company improveit 360. If you’ve used the application, you’ve noticed the multiple log-in options on the home screen. This allows our customers to change CRMs while keeping the same tools that their sales team use in the field. Sharing this app between our companies also allows us to focus more resources on the application and add more features to it faster. 

What Will Change? 

With our next release, the app’s name will change from MarketSharp Mobile 2.0 to RemodelerGo and will receive an updated icon. This name change may cause the app to appear differently in app lists, so customers with the app currently installed should search for RemodelerGo on their device after installing the update. 

Recently Released Features 

Over the last year, we have made the following updates to continue to improve our app for our customers: 

  • Product images for visual quoting  
  • Search improvements 
  • Multi-calendar support  
  • Updated Quoting UI/UX 
  • Updated iPhone UI/UX 
  • Adding & updating Activities  
  • Support uploading of multiple file types (video, image, Word, PDF, spreadsheets, PPT, etc.)  
  • Many performance enhancements based on customer feedback (bug fixes, UI/UX changes) 

What’s Next for RemodelerGo in 2023? 

We have exciting plans in the upcoming year for RemodelerGo. We will share more details as these features get released, so keep an eye on this blog. Here’s a sneak peek of what’s to come.  

  • View your projects  
  • Production support  
  • Android release  
  • Push notifications 

Interested in a preview of RemodelerGo’s features? Download the app and enable auto updates to get the app as soon as it’s available.