Partners Program

Would you like to enhance your product offering to your clients with cutting edge industry sales and marketing training/resources?

MSAP LogoAre you a manufacturer, product vendor or best practice association within the Remodeling and Home Service industry? Join the MarketSharp Strategic Alliance Program (MSAP), offering you a multitude of benefits and opportunities for BOTH you and your clients.

MarketSharp is ‘all about’ empowering remodelers and home service professionals through SYNERGISTIC partnering. The MSAP approach allows approved partners to leverage resources, expertise and client base with MarketSharp to produce a shared competitive advantage – ultimately, strengthening relationships with remodeling clients. And the best part… It’s ALL FREE!

Would your company benefit from ‘value-added’ resources like…
  • Mutually Advantageous Networking
  • Special Co-Sponsored Events & Education
  • Branded Marketing Tools & Webpages
  • Partner Discounts on MarketSharp Products & Services

Join MarketSharp’s Strategic Alliance Program today! We’ll be glad to show you live examples of how MSAP can you and your clients achieve your goals. To learn more…

Fill out our Partner Inquiry Form on the left or call 1-800-335-4254