Get More Sales from Jobsite Marketing, Unsold Lead Follow-up and Customer Repeat & Referral Business

MarketSharp has teamed up with the direct mail marketing gurus at QuantumDigital. Now, you can easily export your contacts directly from MarketSharp (or choose a new list of prospects on-the-go) and push them to a custom QuantumDigital portal, MarketSharp Mail for fast, turnkey direct mail marketing.

You can either choose from 30+ industry specific templates that are easily-customizable (add your own text and images on the front and back of postcards) to create personalized, high-impact response-driven promotions in minutes from the exclusive MarketSharp Mail library OR you can easily upload custom company or manufacturer specific postcard designs to maintain branding.

You’ll find MarketSharp Mail easy, effective, and a highly affordable way to get promotional messages out to contacts to maximize your lead generation efforts!

And, the direct mail integration is included with MarketSharp. You simply pay for the mailers you send!

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Never Run to the Post Office to Send Out Mailings, Instead Save Valuable Time with Online, Integrated Direct Mail Technology!

This integration will enhance MarketSharp’s marketing capabilities through the use of QuantumDigital’s robust direct mail and print programs. You’ll gain more WARM leads by leveraging automation, personalization, and better targeting of direct mail campaigns all done online for as little at 69 cents per card including postage!

In addition, the integration makes it seamless to export your contact lists into MarketSharp Mail. Once within the mailing portal, your list is already attached so simply choose your postcard design, edit it, and send!  And you can save any recently designed mailer for future use, monitor your mailing status and track your mailing history.

For additional details on how you can generate and convert more leads with direct mail, download the Direct Mail Guide: 6 Ways To Leverage MarketSharp’s Integrated Direct Mail

Is Direct Mail a thing of the past?

In the digital age, some feel that direct mail campaigns are a thing of the past. This couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact… two-thirds of all consumers in the United States bought something as the result of a direct mail campaign.

Direct mail stands out as unique, here’s a few benefits of direct mail marketing:

  • Highly-Targeted: Reach the people most likely to make a purchase from you
  • Highly Measurable: Easily keep track of responses to each mailing and calculate your return
  • Individualized: Personalization makes your target likelier to respond
  • Cost Effective: Compared against other media, it's one of the lowest costs of a qualified lead
  • Highly Measurable: Easily keep track of responses to each mailing and calculate your return

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