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Keyword Connects provides branded and exclusive online lead solutions to home improvement contractors. You’ll get high appointment rates, high sit rates and high close rates all at a marketing cost below that of many of your other lead-generation channels. Using the Lead Web Capture functionality in MarketSharp, your Keyword Connects leads are instantly accessible for timely, effective follow-up increasing your chances of closing the sale.

About Keyword Connects…

conversion300Keyword Connects sets in-home appointments (hot leads) at rates of 60%-80%.  These leads are in fact 100% yours, and yours alone, because we never sell them to your competition.

Plus, when prospects call, our very own call center agents qualify and hot transfer homeowners right to you. Imagine how much more receptive your prospects will be when we connect them right to you…within seconds!

Keyword Connects has crafted their unique service around your goals: High appointment rates. High sit rates. High close rates. And cost effectively.

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