Accelerate Your Business With Better, More Qualified Leads

Keyword Connects provides branded and exclusive online lead solutions to home improvement contractors. For over 12 years, Keyword Connects has maintained high appointment rates, high set rates and high close rates — all at a marketing cost below many other lead-generation channels.

Using the Web Lead Capture functionality in MarketSharp, your Keyword Connects leads are instantly accessible for timely, effective follow-up increasing your chances of closing the sale.

They use a four-step process to drive leads to your business:

  • Harness the power of paid search advertising to gain serious, interested homeowners who are ready to buy.
  • The exclusive Pay-for-Performance model means you only pay for the leads you receive.
  • Proprietary technology finds leads other providers miss.
  • Every lead is exclusive - yours and yours alone.

To discover more about Keyword Connects and how it integrates with MarketSharp, check out the webcast: Win the Internet: Online Strategies That Work.

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What Makes Them Different?
Getting you connected to eager homeowners who are ready to buy from you!!

Keyword Connects sets in-home appointments (hot leads) at rates of 60%-80%.  These leads are 100% yours and yours alone. They never sell them to your competition.

Unlike other providers, Keyword Connects has an in-house, US-based call center. When prospects call, agents qualify and hot transfer homeowners direct to you. Imagine how much more receptive your prospects will be when they connect them right to you…within seconds!

Keyword Connects crafts your campaign around your unique marketing goals, paying close attention to details like territory, demographics, local competition and brand awareness. Their programs can run parallel to your existing SEM strategies, or independently.

Generate More Sales with Exclusive Technology

Lead generation campaigns by Keyword Connects are data-driven and 100% trackable. Their proprietary software – CLEARS and HOTS — enables them to build and manage the customer acquisition process. Together, the two programs provide seamless integration and up-to-date tracking of your paid search campaigns.

Campaign Lead Engine and Reporting System (CLEARS)

CLEARS is a proprietary lead management, distribution and reporting portal. In CLEARS, Keyword Connects fine-tunes your lead generation campaigns to maximize your lead volume and minimize your cost-per-lead.

CLEARS also gives you fingertip access to the status of the campaigns they run for you, and how they’re performing. Simply log in and you can see the numbers for yourself.


Hyperlocal Online Targeting System (HOTS)

Their unique HOTS platform allows you to reach as many homeowners in your area as possible. Through HOTS, they create their data-intensive hyperlocal online advertising campaigns…with just a few keystrokes.

Keyword Connects hyperlocal online advertising delivers:

  • 2X improvement in click-through-rate
  • 30% – 40% lower costs-per-lead
  • 20% – 40% more leads per campaign

To learn more about how their unique, customized approach to performance-based online advertising will drive profits and growth for your home improvement business, fill out the form on this page or visit their website.