Easily Implement A Solid Call Management Process

Track All Inbound Calls to Convert More Appointments!

CallSource automatically tracks and records each call as it rings through to your business. Call Tracking tells you which ads generated qualified leads and which didn’t.

Each day, you’ll have insight into your inbound calls with reports and call logs that analyze performance so you can generate more leads, track ad spending and train staff.

And now, with the integration with MarketSharp, CallSource’s proprietary CallTrack data is pushed into your MarketSharp CRM. CallSource’s CallTrack will push a caller’s demographic information into your record.

Through this seamless integration you now have all your most valuable information inside your CRM—the call that led your prospect to your business.  It’s easy to…

  • Add/edit contact activities
  • Create follow-up activity
  • Add notes
  • View appointments along with listening to that caller’s call

The CallSource and MarketSharp integration streamlines your incoming lead process and allows you to identify the ad sources that are generating the most calls all inside of your MarketSharp Dashboard. For more details call 1-800-335-4254 x. 1 or complete the form on this page!

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More About CallSource

CallSource has recorded and analyzed over one billion phone calls over the past twenty-five years. They are the premier technology-enabled business performance system that optimizes our clients’ revenue, profit, and brand reputation.

CallSource pioneered the call tracking industry and evolved to become the leader in actionable analytics. They have helped over 300,000 business understand their call data and help them improve their bottom line.

Here’s just a few more ways CallSource can benefit your lead generation process:

  • Tracking Local And Toll Free Numbers: Discover which ad campaigns generate the most leads to save on marketing spend
  • Capture More Leads: Schedule more appointments and close more deals by identifying true prospects
  • Recover Lost Leads: Get a second chance with viable sales opportunities that are lost for lack of proper telephone handling skills
  • Telephone Skill Performance Analysis: Recorded calls are reviewed and graded to provide training and coaching to improve call-to-appointment ratios
  • Real-Time, Online Reporting: Make critical business decisions by analyzing your customers’ experience to identify strengths and opportunities for performance improvement
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With the new partnership between CallSource & MarketSharp, you’ll enjoy BIG savings on call tracking!! To take advantage of this offer and request more information, please complete the form on this page.

Or feel free to contact CallSource’s official MarketSharp rep, Jack, at [email protected]. In addition, you may call MarketSharp at 1-800-335-4254 ext. 1 for more details.