Watch your website leads soar with Live Chat!

ApexChat will chat with your website visitors to convert more leads!

ApexChat provides a fully staffed, 24/7 Live Chat service to the home improvement industry designed to decrease website abandonment & increase inbound leads.

And now, with the integration with MarketSharp, those website visitors will be pushed automatically into MarketSharp for fast, efficient followup!

Here’s just a few more ways ApexChat can benefit your lead generation process:

  • GET 30 - 40% MORE ONLINE LEADS: ApexChat has extensive experience in the home services space to utilize your website more effectively to obtain more leads.
  • INCREASE WEBSITE ENGAGEMENT: With live chat enabled on your website, ApexChat instantly engages and answers initial questions about your services.
  • GET LEADS IN REAL-TIME: With MarketSharp integration, your prospect's contact information is captured and pushed in real-time before they leave your website.
  • GET AHEAD OF THE COMPETITION: With Live Chat, you can be the first to obtain contact information from property owners who browse your website and your competitors while comparison shopping.

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How Does The ApexChat Online Chat Process Work?

A live chat window will be added to your website. When a visitor initiates an online chat, live chat agents are armed with a custom script allowing them to effectively communicate with your online visitors & collect relevant lead information that is sent to you in real time.

When a web visitor wishes to know specific information about a product or service you provide, the agents are trained to connect them directly to your business via telephone with our Call Connect feature or let the prospective client know a remodeling specialist will follow up with them shortly.

Along with your current forms of communication, your mobile visitors will get the luxury of opening a standard chat window or communicating with our agents via text message. This feature alone has shown our current clients a 34% increase in leads from mobile devices.

Your website will also be provided with an ‘Exit Pop-Up‘ to engage leaving visitors that haven’t started a chat, further increasing conversion rates.

Special Offer for the MarketSharp Network

ApexChat is offering an exclusive discount for MarketSharp clients!

With the new partnership between ApexChat & MarketSharp, you’ll enjoy BIG savings on live chat!! ApexChat is discounting their per lead fee for anyone working with MarketSharp! To take advantage of this offer and request more information, please complete the form on this page or visit:

ApexChat & MarketSharp

Or feel free to contact ApexChat’s official MarketSharp rep, Jon, at 925.384.0429 or [email protected]. In addition, you may call MarketSharp at 1-800-335-4254 ext. 1 for more details.