The power of direct mail — Delivered!

Delivered! The importance of an accurate list helps spell success.Direct mail rises to the classic marketing challenge — finding, communicating with, and keeping customers — better than any other marketing medium available:

  • First, unlike television, newspapers, radio, and other non-targeted marketing media, you can use direct mail to target only the most likely prospects for your products and services. That means you aren’t spending time and money reaching people who have no interest in your offer.
  • Second, you can speak directly and personally to the people you reach — customers and prospects — with offers that interest them. It helps you create a professional image that people trust, and shows you understand their needs.
  • And third, because you can communicate with anyone in your database with any offer at any time you choose, direct mail allows you to build on-going customer relationships. That’s good business!

Today, with the evolution of database marketing and computers capable of managing vast quantities of geographic, demographic and mailing data, direct mail is one of the top three advertising techniques. Only television and newspaper ads are used more often, yet dollar for dollar, direct mail results in more sales!

That’s because it’s so effective. When you reach the right prospect, your mail isn’t junk!

On average, direct mail will bring in $10 in sales for every dollar spent — a return more than twice that of a television ad. In fact, the United States Postal Service tells us Americans spend over $250 billion every year in response to direct mail advertising.

And globally, the direct mail industry — which spans multiple vertical markets, from printing and publishing to insurance, retail, utilities, and more — is a $1.5 trillion industry.

It makes sense to bring that kind of power to the home improvement industry, and that’s just what MarketSharp is designed to do.

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