Generate More Leads, Convert More Sales and Create Lifetime Customers!
Better Manage Your Business to Grow!

With MarketSharp CRM and the Rhino Carbon Fiber partnership, you can put in place automated marketing processes for accurate, efficient follow-up to convert more leads to sales! In addition, here’s how you’ll increase efficiency, increase sales, and increase profits…

  • Boost Office Productivity – Anywhere, anytime access for immediate insight about contacts, sales and projects
  • Get More Leads – Get another job for every job sold in the neighborhood
  • Convert More Sales – Automate nurture marketing campaigns to increases sales
  • Drive More Repeat and Referral Business – Create a buzz with online feedback and customer loyalty programs
  • Manage Production – Streamline installation processes to maximize job volume and keep your clients informed at every stage
  • Know Your Numbers – Use real-time dashboards and reports to successfully run your business

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Rhino Carbon Fiber announces the roll-out of the newly recommended CRM partnership with MarketSharp.

MarketSharp is the leader in marketing and management systems in the industry with over 4500 of the country’s best remodeling and home improvement companies as clients.

After researching all available options, Rhino Carbon Fiber concluded that MarketSharp offers the best solution to help their network in the following areas…

  • Marketing & Lead Generation
  • Lead Management (scheduling, etc.)
  • Follow-up and Rehashing of Leads
  • Customer & Job Management
  • Creating Lifetime Customers
  • Production and Service
  • Managing Your Business By The Numbers

Special OFFER Specifically for the Rhino Carbon Fiber Network:

The folks at Rhino Carbon Fiber have negotiated some killer discounted pricing on MarketSharp for the entire group including a waiver of the initial “implementation” fee making it extremely easy to get started.

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The Industry-Specific Customer Relationship Marketing and Management System

  • It’s EASY to set-up, SIMPLE to use and SAVES you dozens of hours per month!
  • CLOUD-BASED…Anywhere, Anytime Access!
  • Save TIME… Boost Office Productivity
  • Maximize PROFITS… Get More Leads, Sales and Referrals
  • Increase Volume… Shorten Production Timeline
  • Make Informed Decisions… Know Your Numbers
  • FREE Support & FREE Updates!!!

Now you can get organized and grow sales while working less than ever before!

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More About Rhino Cabon Fiber...
Join the Ultimate Versatility in Basement Repair Available!

Introducing a revolutionary new concrete repair product designed to make crack reinforcement more efficient and less labor intensive.

The Concrete Crack Lock is uniquely engineered to permanently stop cracks in concrete slabs, poured walls, masonry, concrete block foundations, columns, industrial buildings, bridges, foundations, swimming pools, as well as preparation for floor coatings.

Additionally, it is designed for cracks of various sizes under virtually any circumstance and can even be used to increase seismic strength to repairs after an earthquake. Another benefit is the minimal aesthetic impact of the repair which can easily be painted over or covered with a finishing product.

Your homeowners will get… 

  • Stronger Repairs
  • Less Intrusive
  • Cost Effective
  • Faster and Cleaner Installation
  • Reduced Service Call

To learn more about Rhino Carbon Fiber network… click here (be sure to mention MarketSharp!) For more information about MarketSharp and special Rhino Carbon Fiber savings, complete the form on this page!