QuantumDigital has continued to offer innovative, easy-to-use tools and services to help streamline direct mail campaigns by removing complexities.
The integration makes it seamless to export your contact lists and create a one of a kind post card.

Since inception, QuantumDigital has remained focused on truly understanding the needs of each customer, educating business professionals on best practices, and developing simple marketing tools that save time and energy — all to help businesses reach the right prospects faster.

Get noticed with direct mail.

Direct mail postcard advertising is a fast, affordable and effective way to get noticed in your local area, keep in touch with current customers and generate leads.

  • Targeted: Direct mail advertising allows businesses to pinpoint prospects by area and/or demographics (age, income, family size, etc) or mail keep in touch with customers.
  • Affordable: Direct mail marketing costs way less than advertising on TV, in magazines or on the radio.
  • Trackable: Direct mail’s success is measurable. You know exactly how many were sent and can track how many bring in new business.
  • Fast: Direct mail allows businesses to quickly turn marketing ideas into reality. Design, proof, print and mail postcards within minutes.

Now, with specialized integration with MarketSharp, you will gain more warm leads by leveraging automation, personalization, and better targeting of direct mail campaigns all done online.

You can either choose from 30+ industry specific templates that are easily-customizable (add your own text and images on the front and back of postcards) to create personalized, high-impact response-driven promotions in minutes from the exclusive MarketShap Mail library OR you can easily upload custom company or manufacturer specific postcard designs to maintain branding.

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