Feel like you are UNDER UTILIZING your MarketSharp platform?
(If so, you are not alone!)

The big question… Is your team able to work at ‘optimal capacity’ within MarketSharp?

Recently, it’s come to our attention, many companies are exceeding their allowable user licenses. Not only does this hinder the productivity of valuable team members (frustrating), it diminishes the profit potential MarketSharp can help drive to your bottom line. YIKES!

If you’re like most companies, you may not realize what might be missing in your MarketSharp strategy? It’s simply a case of “you don’t know, what you don’t know”. We’d like to help get everyone within your office in the ‘know’ about MarketSharp and keep them in the loop to be sure you are getting the MOST out of the platform.

If you feel you are UNDER UTILIZING your MarketSharp platform, this is the place to start – A MarketSharp Effectiveness Audit (see details below)!

For more details… Complete the form on this page or give the MarketSharp Success team a call for all the details at 1-800-335-4254 ext. 1 or email directly at [email protected]!



Get a FREE MarketSharp Effectiveness Audit!

FIVE reasons you may want a FREE MarketSharp Effectiveness Audit?
Do any of these reasons sound familiar??
  • Reason 1:  OK, the obvious – You consistently encounter “Maximum number of Licensed Users Exceeded!” on screen. If this is happening, I’d definitely add a user (or two)!
  • Reason 2:  The Productivity Buster – You are less productive when constantly entering or retrieving data for other team members when they possibly could be updating the MarketSharp system themselves!
  • Reason 3: REALITY CHECK – Does Department A sometimes NOT have a clue what’s happening in Department B thus sabotaging office efficiency? Not Good!
  • Reason 4: Sales and Marketing Disconnect – This is huge! One of MarketSharp’s strengths is its ability to absolutely maximize efficiency in the sales/marketing process (proper follow-up, etc.). Connecting all the “players” is essential for this to happen consistently.
  • Reason 5: Saving the BEST for Last! Simply requesting a FREE MarketSharp Efficiency Audit, enters you for a chance to WIN $200 Gift Card!! (And, if you increase your user licenses, you’ll get an additional entry for each license!)
Is Your Company Ready for a MarketSharp Effectiveness Audit?
Get to the next level of MarketSharp success!

Our success team will be able to offer guidance to optimize your efforts including:

  • A fresh perspective about CRM usage
  • Ideas about leveraging key features
  • Personalized tips to maximize potential
  • Adequate license assessment for your company
  • Understanding resources and support available to you

Complete the form on this page. You’ll not only have a chance to win a $200 gift card, we’ll schedule a FREE Effectiveness Audit for you.

The FREE MarketSharp Effectiveness Audits offer end March 29th!