Stepping Up Your CRM Skills!

There is no magic formula to increase customer satisfaction and generate qualified leads.

The closest thing to magic is a CRM software: a tool that can organize, automate and synchronize every aspect of your business, your customers included! Forget the days of laboriously organizing spreadsheets and rifling through Post-its for a customer’s information. By utilizing a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform, you can store all existing and past customer data in one place and leverage that data to effectively manage your sales and marketing efforts.

When shopping for a CRM software, keep in mind there may already be a solution specific to your industry. MarketSharp for example was built with home-improvement pros in mind, offering lead and customer tracking, appointment calendar, job scheduling, project management and robust reporting capabilities. Considering its wide range of features, MarketSharp is helping businesses across the home improvement industry increase close ratios, shorten production timelines and create satisfied referral-giving customers. There are thousands of CRM solutions out there, so be sure to take the time to research which will profit your business the most.


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How can a CRM help you?

The right CRM can drive office efficiency, new business and happier customers. Because a CRM organizes your data in an intelligent way, you not only gain powerful insights on your customers, but you can turn that insight into successful business decisions. By incorporating automations, you can use your data even more effectively, and CRM technology is only advancing. To maximize the value you get from your CRM, look for a platform that promises benefits like:


Lead Generation and Retention

When not executed properly, lead generation efforts can wind up being wasteful and expensive for your business. With the help of a strong CRM, your team can analyze data to get a better understanding of what marketing and sales campaigns drive the greatest profit, providing you with direct insight on how to allocate your marketing budget. If you’re trying to be cost-effective, MarketSharp offers features like Job Radius Marketing and SmartMail Plus to drive leads from recently completed work. Many CRM’s also allow leads from website or internet providers to flow directly into the system. With MarketSharp’s Custom Lead Capture, potential customers can visit a company website, enter their contact information and a lead record will be created in the MarketSharp database.

Increased Productivity

By automating your business with a CRM, you open the door for increased productivity and profit potential. In MarketSharp, you can take advantage of automated workflows and seamless scheduling to streamline sales, and project and service management. CRM’s that offer mobile applications, like MarketSharp, can give you real-time visibility about all aspects of your business from anywhere, at anytime. Whether you’re in the office, on the road, or in the field, access the information you need with a CRM platform.

Strength in Numbers

When equipped with strong reporting functionality, your CRM can convert data into actionable insights. By making data more digestible, reporting provides your sales teams the birds-eye view they need to better manage their pipelines and improve customer retention. Some CRM’s, like MarketSharp, even offer scheduled and automated reporting, allowing you to get the reports you need exactly when you need them. Not a big numbers junkie? MarketSharp also has built-in performance dashboards that display real-time, key metrics in a graphical format. The time to close your excel spreadsheets is here. Put yourself in a position to manage your business more effectively with CRM reporting and customizable dashboards.

Improves Customer Relationships

If utilized properly, a CRM can be a super powerful communication tool in sustaining customer interest. By storing all lead and customer data in a single location, your sales and marketing teams have full interaction history at their disposal, making personalizing communication with clients a breeze. Consider a CRM like MarketSharp that’s known for maximizing customer retention and offers features like marketing automation with built-in email and postcard campaigns to generate repeat and referral business. You can even use MarketSharp to gather extensive feedback on customer satisfaction by initiating automated post-job communications. By optimizing how you nurture customer relationships, you’re putting your business in a better position to succeed.


Your business needs you now more than ever, and having a CRM is critical in order to drive your business forward and maximize success. If you’re considering investing in a CRM solution, it’s imperative to spend time researching what platform would have the biggest impact on productivity, efficiency, customer satisfaction, and retention within your company. With MarketSharp, you have dozens of the industry’s best scheduling, estimating and customer-relation tools at your fingertips to streamline your operations.

Schedule a discovery call with one of our team members today and find out if MarketSharp is a good fit for you!