Preparing for the Busy Season: How Contractors Can Combat Slow Payments

With the right payment processor in place, you can avoid a cash flow crisis and get paid faster.

It’s no secret that delayed payments can come at a high price. We might be stating the obvious here, but without enough cash in your bank, your remodeling business will struggle to cover any necessary expenses, or worse, be forced to close its doors. For this reason, it’s absolutely crucial that your customers pay you what they owe you, as quickly as possible. And with the busy season right around the corner, it’s the perfect time to put tools in place that are designed to simplify billing processes and increase cash flow, like PaySimple, a powerful payment processing platform built for service-based businesses.


Streamline Payment Acceptance, Get Paid Faster, and Generate Predictable Revenue with PaySimple

PaySimple, a powerful payment processing platform, can help contractors like you save time and money by enabling you to accept payments from anywhere, at any time. Here’s a few reasons why PaySimple is the best solution for slow-paying homeowners and a dwindling cash flow:


1. PaySimple Integrates with Industry-Specific CRMs

Reminding customers of their upcoming payments can be the difference between them forgetting to pay and you getting paid on time. However, in order to manage payment reminders, you need an effective way to track which customers still owe you and when their payments are due. That’s where the PaySimple + MarketSharp integration comes into play. MarketSharp, an industry-specific CRM platform designed for home pros, can be seamlessly integrated with PaySimple so that you can house all of your lead, customer, and information about received payments directly in MarketSharp. With all of this valuable data being tracked, you can then easily create and send automated reminders to clients when a payment is close to being due out of MarketSharp’s system, or if a payment has passed its due date.

2. PaySimple Offers Mobile Payment Acceptanceincrease cash flow with mobile payment processor

Why wait for a customer to send a check or call in with their payment information when you can collect payments on-site? With PaySimple, you can equip your contractors with a mobile solution that they can use to accept payments in the field from a tablet, android or iOS device.

3. You Can Collect Different Forms of Payment

With so many ways to pay in today’s world, your business can really benefit from accepting multiple forms of payment. With PaySimple, you can process credit cards, ACH, and eChecks securely (and at industry low rates!) Additionally, you can create fully customizable web payment forms through PaySimple so that your customers can submit payments 24/7, instead of just during your office hours.

4. It’s Easy to Set Up Recurring Billing

Chasing down subsequent payments can be a huge pain in the rear-end and wind up delaying incoming cash flow. Luckily, PaySimple makes it simple to set up automated payment plans or recurring billing to collect any outstanding payments. Plus, your customer can feel confident that their financial information is safe. PaySimple takes security very seriously and uses the most powerful encryption tools in the market.



If you want to leverage all of the above, you’ll need to harness the power of both PaySimple and MarketSharp’s platforms. With abilities to collect payments anywhere, anytime, in a handful of different ways, these two systems can help you prepare for the many payments that busy season brings and help make sure they’re received – on time. Get ready to say goodbye to slow payments and hello to a strong, reliable cash flow!

Learn more about how the MarketSharp + PaySimple integration can help your business accept payments, streamline billing, and increase cash flow.