Post-COVID-19: What’s the New Normal?

Adapting Your Remodeling Business to Meet Changing Consumer Behavior 


Over the last few months, COVID-19 has had a huge impact on our way of life.

It’s changed the way we work, how we think and even our buying habits. While reopening policies vary from state to state, we are already seeing businesses get back into the swing of things. Many companies are even changing their business model and processes to meet their future customers’ new expectations. The big question: Are you, the local remodeler or home improvement pro, prepared to reopen and reinvent your business?

It’s believed that consumers will emerge from their homes and eventually return to their daily routines, but they’ll hold a sense of renewed cautiousness about cleanliness and health. While many consumers are only spending on basic needs, others are embracing digital commerce. This is where you, as a business owner, need to tune into the specific needs of your customers and develop customized and personalized strategies to address them. 

Think about how consumers will change post-COVID. Will more potential clients book services online rather than stop in a showroom? Will more of them text you rather than calling? Will they lean towards online payments? All leading indicators report: yes! 

Man wearing glasses and doctor mask changing storefront sign to Open


Prepare Now

It’s inevitable that you shift your company’s model to reflect the ‘new normal’ consumer trends, like cost and health consciousness. Prepare your company now so when everything is running full steam ahead, you’re ready to exceed the NEW expectations of your customer’s wants and needs. When strategizing how to successfully relaunch your business, consider the following: 



Go Digital Wherever Possible

If the current pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that digital technology has the power to keep companies productive, even in the worst of times. For a safer and more successful reopening, you should be offering electronic booking of your services, more electronic communication (texting, email, live chat) and electronic payment processing to your customers. The added technology will also boost your company’s productivity by streamlining and automating otherwise manual or time-consuming processes. 


Make Your Customers Comfortable

It’s necessary for the safety of you, your team and your customers that you place an emphasis on extra sanitation and general cleanliness across your business. This includes following CDC guidelines on how to properly disinfect showrooms, job-sites, protective wear and even your restrooms. You can then communicate to your customers exactly what measures your business is taking to protect their health. By adding a page to your website or indoor and outdoor signage at your facilities, you can prominently display your company’s sanitation procedures. For those at a higher risk of getting sick, you can even offer specific days/hours for them to visit your offices or showroom. Whatever your course of action is, make sure it’s available to the public so that interested consumers know you’re reopening responsibly.


Nurture Relationships 

It’s always been important for a business to craft a customer experience that’s less transactional and more personalized. Now, in light of a global health crisis, it’s even more vital to nurture relationships with your customers and prospects. When reopening, you should be communicating more often to your customers through several channels like texting, emails and letters to strengthen interrupted relationships. Once you’re officially back in business, be sure you first reach out to customers that had to cancel their appointments or projects with you due to stay-at-home orders or shutdowns. 


Smart Offers

With consumers still being on the fence about making purchases, offering special promotions or discounts could give them the push they need to buy. Consider advertising deals through email and on your website to drive customers to your showroom. To generate even more new business, dive into your current customer’s needs and offer “genuine deals” to consumers from your manufacturers, financial institutions and local vendors. 



From virtual appointments to following social distance guidelines on the job, we have already seen significant changes to the home improvement industry. While some things will return to normal, businesses will have to shift to a new era of home improvement in a post-Covid world. Reopening and reinventing poses unknown challenges and a new set of standards. If prepared, your company will win new business a lot faster than those who don’t adapt.

Get ready, the new normal is coming our way. To learn about how MarketSharp can help you successfully relaunch your business, schedule a discovery call with one of our representatives!