Coming Soon: A New Mobile MarketSharp Experience

If you know anything about MarketSharp, it’s that we’re dedicated to helping our customers grow their businesses with our products. We’re excited to announce a new addition to our product line with our MarketSharp app, coming soon to iOS. The new MarketSharp app brings powerful mobile tools to your sales team, so they can manage their appointments, serve customers better, and even collect payments all in one platform.

Your Day’s Appointments at Your Fingertips

A salesperson’s day revolves around their customers’ appointments. Missing an appointment because of a mismanaged calendar or lack of visibility is a good way to lose a customer for good. That’s why with the MarketSharp app, we made your day’s appointments and tasks front and center.

Image of the MarketSharp App Homepage
The MarketSharp App Homepage

MarketSharp’s app homepage displays your calendar, your appointments, and your tasks on a single screen. With a tap, you can see all your appointments displayed on a live map, so you can see where your day will take you. Tapping an appointment will start navigation in your preferred app, so you know exactly where to go.

Offer Customers On-site Quotes 

Earlier this year, we released a quoting tool to our cloud-based platform and with the MarketSharp app, the quoting tool becomes mobile. Now you can build quotes anywhere, using line items and pricing from your MarketSharp account.

An image of the MarketSharp App Quote Tool
The MarketSharp App Quote Tool

Our mobile quoting tool allows users the flexibility to create quotes, edit existing quotes with discounts and markups, and even collect payments, all from the app. Best of all, quoting does not require an internet connection, so you can create quotes in basements, attics, and anywhere else the job takes you. And of course, your quotes, payments, and any updates to contacts sync to your MarketSharp account.

Faster Results, Faster Follow-ups

One of MarketSharp’s features that have helped so many of our contractors grow their businesses is the automated customer follow-up that our tools bring to their companies. Emails, texts, and even direct mail follow-ups can be automated, and with the MarketSharp app, there’s even less lag time.

An image of Appointment Resulting
Appointment Resulting

Your salespeople can now result appointments from the home, allowing your automated processes to follow up with customers immediately. That means you can have emails in your customers’ inbox while your salesperson is still driving back to the office.

We’ve only covered a few highlights from the soon-to-be-released MarketSharp app. If you’re a MarketSharp customer, keep your eyes on your inbox for a release announcement.

If you’re not yet using MarketSharp to manage your leads and customers, contact our team to see why we’re the #1 CRM Software for Contractors, Remodelers, and Home Improvement Professionals.