MarketSharp Mobile 2.0: Tips & Tricks

We recently released a brand new mobile app, MarketSharp Mobile 2.0, designed specifically to help sales teams do what they do best: create satisfied customers. As our team continues to add new features to the application, we’d like to share 3 tips and tricks to help your team make the most of the new app.

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Quickly Navigate to the Home Screen

Our team designed MarketSharp Mobile 2.0’s home screen to help your sales team stay up-to-date on their daily appointments and tasks. 

The App’s Homepage offers an appointment list and location at a glance

With a map of their appointments and a list of tasks and to-do’s, the home screen is where your team can turn whenever they’re ready for their next sale. If they’ve been building a quote for a customer and need to return to the home screen quickly, all they need to do is tap your company logo at the top of the screen, and they’ll jump right back to the home screen.

Extra tip: For quickly navigating through the app, you can also swipe left-to-right from the edge of your screen to go back to your previous screen.

Copy Contact Info Quickly

Contacting leads and customers is a big part of a sales team’s day, and MarketSharp Mobile 2.0 has many ways of making getting in touch with your contacts easier. If your team is working on an iPhone or iPad with texting/calls enabled, they can tap any phone number in the app to call or text with their device’s phone or messaging app.

Calls and texts can be started with just a tap

If they need to share an address or phone number quickly, they can long-press on any hyperlinked text in the app, and they’ll be given the option to copy that information to their device’s clipboard. This copied information can be emailed to another employee in the company or pasted into another software your company uses.

Long-pressing contact details is a quick way to copy and paste

Collect Down Payments On-Site

One of the most exciting new features that MarketSharp Mobile 2.0 brings to your team is the ability to process payments through our integration with PaySimple. Now, your sales team can make their sale, result the appointment, create a job and even collect a down payment all before leaving the customer’s home. 

Now your team can process payments from the field

If your account has an active PaySimple integration, all your team needs to do is navigate to the customer’s Job and tap Collect Payment. In the Payment Type field, they can select Down Payment, then collect the payment, and it will be applied to the customer’s outstanding balance.

They’re not just limited to down payments, though. Almost any type of payment can be processed through the app. If a customer has a card on file, that card can be used for additional job payments, making collecting later payments fast and easy.

Want to Learn More?

If you’re a MarketSharp customer and have questions about any of these features, visit our knowledge center for more information. You can also download MarketSharp Mobile 2.0 from the iOS App store.

If you’re interested in bringing the power of MarketSharp Mobile 2.0 to your sales team, schedule a full demo of MarketSharp’s software and see how our all-in-one CRM software can supercharge your sales this year.