How to Use a CRM to Keep Up With the Busy Season

While a CRM system can’t help you beat the heat, it can help you stay organized and boost your productivity during the busy season.


Summer isn’t over yet! Contractors and other home improvement pros are still in the peak of their busy season and, for that reason, need to be on their A-game. But with long hour days and a heavy workload, keeping track of jobs, communications and staff schedules can be difficult. If you’re having trouble staying organized during the busy season (or any other season of the year), try leveraging a CRM system!

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Stay Organized with a CRM Software

PSA: You don’t have to deal with stacks of paperwork and missing production deadlines! Being organized and productive is surprisingly easy to achieve when you have the right tools at your disposal. If you’re wondering how you can use a CRM to keep up with (and even stay ahead of) your hefty workload, consider the following:


Efficiently Schedule Your Appointments

It’s no secret that scheduling can naturally be a time-consuming process. And with more appointments coming in during the busy season, calendars can get messy, quick. Luckily, many CRM systems offer powerful tools that can streamline your appointment and project scheduling to ensure you don’t let things slip through the cracks. In the MarketSharp platform, an industry-specific CRM, home improvement pros can access an intuitive, color-coded calendar to easily manage sales calls, production timelines, and service requests. You can even identify the distance between appointments to reduce daily travel time, giving your staff more time in the day to complete other tasks.  But that’s not all a CRM can do to maximize productivity. The MarketSharp platform can even handle your communications for you, by sending automated emails or text reminders to your staff about their upcoming appointments. With features like this, it’s a no-brainer that you’ll have a more controlled scheduling process.


Streamline Your Project Management

Managing a job from contract to completion can be challenging, even during the slow season. During this time, using a CRM system can ensure you work smarter, not harder! A CRM like MarketSharp has several built-in project management tools designed to help streamline your processes and keep efficiency levels high across your teams. In MarketSharp’s Production Module, you can effortlessly create, assign and track required steps for your production, installation or follow-up processes. And with abilities to upload and organize photos from the field, road, or office, you can easily manage important job-related photos and documents like contracts, change orders and service requests.


Leverage a Mobile App

Busy seasons are tough; don’t make them harder by slacking on communication! During peak seasons of the year, you will see more success if you clearly and consistently communicate to your teams, and vice versa. By using a CRM mobile application, you can transfer information to and from your sales and production staff with ease. And since the data is being passed digitally, there’s no need for anyone to enter the information again, leaving no room for human error. MarketSharp’s CRM offers a mobile app that was built with productivity in mind. From the app, contractors can easily manage their leads and communicate vital information about contacts, appointments and activities from anywhere.


There’s no need to stress if you feel like you’re falling behind this busy season; CRM software can get you on the fast track to organization and help you plan better for the future. With MarketSharp’s industry-specific CRM system, home improvement pros can access an arsenal of features for scheduling, sale and project management. But in the MarketSharp platform, the job isn’t done when the project is completed. MarketSharp has several powerful tools designed to help you succeed post-sale and gain the customer insights you need to improve your processes for next time.


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