How CRM Software Can Help Make Remodelers Rich In 2018

Remodeling Sales Will Hit An All-Time High Record In 2018.

Here’s How CRM Software Like MarketSharp
Can Help You Get Your Piece Of The Pie.

The home remodeling industry is downright booming.

According to new data, Remodeling magazine shows that sales growth in the remodeling industry is spiking in a BIG way. In 2017, contractors that made up the Remodeling 550 took in $3.88 billion—a 41% sales growth over the $2.75 billion from 2016. And 2018 is looking even more lucrative: These Remodeling 550 companies are projecting a total of $4.72 billion in sales this year.

And those figures only count Remodeling 550 companies!

What’s with the sudden surge in sales in recent years?

Consumer confidence is up. Unemployment levels are down. And people are spending more money overall. In a nutshell, homeowners feel like now is the right time to remodel and improve their homes.

This means, as a contractor, your opportunities for growth have never been higher. Homeowners have money burning holes in their pockets. They’re clamoring for good contractors. Your mission is to reach as many of those people as possible to maximize profits.

Because, let’s face it: The lion’s share of sales ALWAYS goes to the most vigilant remodeling contractors. The ones who are “on top of their game” in every aspect of their business—marketing, production, sales numbers, scheduling, office operations… all of it. These are the companies that are prepared to take advantage of a cash-flush market.

If this isn’t you, you’re leaving money on the table. Plain and simple.

Let’s think about it…

  • If your marketing is lackluster—and you don’t have a system in place for targeting new and repeat customers—you’re not engaging people who are looking for your services RIGHT NOW.
  • If your scheduling procedures cause delays and “slips in the cracks,” you run the risk of upsetting your customers. This can lead to bad online reviews, negative word of mouth, and fewer referrals.
  • If your office productivity leaves something to be desired, you’re not maximizing your company’s time. (And as we all know, time is MONEY.)
  • If you don’t know EXACTLY what is and is not bringing your business profits—down to the PENNY—you’re not only leaving money on the table, but also hemorrhaging cash. All day. Every day. Every HOUR. Without fail.

Here’s the bottom line. While it’s true that the home improvement industry has never been more lucrative, you still have to “get your ducks in a row” to take advantage of all the juicy profits out there.

This is where MarketSharp can help.

MarketSharp is contractor-specific CRM software that streamlines and automates your business. From marketing… to lead generation… to scheduling… to accounting, MarketSharp organizes your operations to let you acquire MORE customers—and at a fast pace.

Here are some of the things MarketSharp can help you do…

  • Analyze your most cost-effective and highest-performing lead generation methods, so you can maximize your lead flow
  • Easily track details of every interaction with leads to intelligently trigger automated nurture marketing and follow-up processes to revive unsold leads
  • Automate follow-up with prospects to ensure you close as many sales as possible
  • Monitor production schedules and backlogs to promptly identify bottlenecks, maximize your time, and ensure customer satisfaction
  • Boost office productivity through a centrally-shared data source to make the best use of everyone’s time… at all times
  • Get more repeat and referral business by proactively reaching out to customers with proven automatic marketing campaigns
  • Turn data into actionable insight by monitoring performance using real-time dashboards and reports

And here is how all this benefits you…

  • Free up time to get more jobs
  • Feel less stressed because your schedule is totally streamlined
  • Ensure higher customer satisfaction, since you’ve eliminated the inefficiencies that cause project delays and slips in the cracks
  • Keep your employees happier and more productive
  • Get better online reviews and more customer referrals
  • Ensure your bookkeeping is 100% accurate and error-free to shore up unnecessary spending and waste
  • Know that you are maximizing your marketing ROI by using only your most effective strategies

In other words…

MarketSharp CRM helps contractors like YOU take 100% full advantage of this record-setting year for remodeling profits. 

See for yourself: Right now, we’re offering free live demos of MarketSharp CRM software.

A MarketSharp representative will take you through a guided virtual tour of the program. The demo takes about 45 minutes, and you’ll get a taste of how it can improve your business and maximize your profits.

There is no sales pitch. And we don’t pressure you to sign up after you do the demo. We simply provide you with some info, answer all your questions, and then step back to let YOU decide how to proceed.

If you want to witness firsthand how MarketSharp can benefit your business, click here now. Then fill in your email address to book your free live demo. Spots tend to fill up fast, so request your demo ASAP to make sure you get a time that works for you.

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Michelle M. Nowlan, MarketSharp Co-President
Home Improvement Industry Enthusiast since 1992. Proud River Rat. Extreme Dog Lover.