How to Drive More Sales With Jobsite Radius Marketing

Did you know one of the best places to find a new customer is actually right next door to your last customer?

Neighborhood HomesIt’s true! All of the neighborhoods you’ve done previous work in are actually goldmines for new business. That’s right, GOLDMINES. Why? Because neighborhoods tend to be alike in nature; homes are of similar age and value and the people who live there often have similar earnings and needs. Beyond this, having done previous work in a neighborhood instantly establishes credibility for your home improvement company with those who reside there. Your trucks, employees, and most importantly, your work, have already been seen by neighbors; possibly those with the same needs for your services. That being said, if you’re looking to capitalize on work you’ve already completed and really drive more sales, add jobsite radius marketing to your list of lead gen strategies!


Take Your Marketing Old-School

When it comes to jobsite radius marketing, you can exchange your digital marketing tools for something a little more vintage: direct mail! But just because direct mail has been around for a while doesn’t mean it’s not powerful. Direct mail is still extremely effective when it comes to converting leads to customers: it’s personal, cost effective, easy to execute, and who doesn’t love to get mail?! If you’re ready to get started with proximity marketing and direct mail, consider the following:


Timing is everything

You may be wondering at what point in the job process to start sending mailers to the neighborhood. For your jobsite radius marketing efforts to have the greatest effect, you should be sending mailers to nearby homeowners at these stages of a project:

Before the Install: Your campaign should begin with a pre-job mailer of some sort that notifies homeowners that you’re in the area. Be sure to mention where the job will take place and use eye-catching phrasing like “Watch Out for Us!” or “Coming Soon!”. While the number of homeowners you send your mailers to will vary by the neighborhood, we recommend targeting the closest 75-150 homes in the area.

During the Install: When you’ve begun work, send a courtesy note that tells nearby homeowners their neighbor has an ongoing project. Your second mailer will be an effective second exposure to your company and should go to the same 75-150 homeowners as the first mailer.

After the Install: Your third exposure with prospective clients should be through a post-job mailer that tells them their neighbor’s project has been completed. This mailer should encourage the homeowner to look for your job sign and talk with your new customer about their new windows, siding, roofing, addition, etc. To be most effective, your post-job mailer should also have a time sensitive offer that urges the prospect to act immediately!


Complement Your Communications

Yes, a direct mail campaign obviously involves sending the homeowner a piece of mail, directly. However, you can really amp up the value of your mailers and drive more sales by supplementing your campaign with other marketing materials!

Yard Signs: Draw attention to your work by leaving a company branded sign in the yard of your jobsite! Neighbors will receive your mail and notice the yard sign, further reinforcing your brand in their mind. All your signs need are a professional looking design and a simple call to action and voilà: you’ve created an effective, inexpensive way to advertise your business. If your customers are hesitant about displaying your yard sign, try offering them a reward or incentive for every lead it gets you!

Door Hangers: Get the neighborhood even more familiar with your company by leaving well-designed door hangers for homeowners in the area. Make sure your door hangers reference information that’s relevant to a prospective customer and don’t forget to include a best way to contact you for assistance!

Company Vehicles: People take notice of who’s occupying the streets in their neighborhoods! Capitalize on this fact by branding your company vehicles and (literally) drive more awareness to your home improvement company. When at the jobsite, neighbors passing by will also notice your branded vehicles and see the work you’ve done. Just make sure you don’t overload your vehicles with graphics- you want the company’s name, phone number and website to be easy to find and read.



MarketSharp Can Help!

MarketSharp, an industry-specific CRM system, was built to help home improvement pros drive more sales and better manage their leads. With MarketSharp, users can take advantage of the MarketSharp Mail Integration to send mailers right to prospects, leads and customers. MarketSharp Mail comes with 30 custom postcards for Direct Mail Marketing, several of which are designed specifically for jobsite radius marketing! Since each postcard option is editable, you can customize your mailers to include your own photos, headlines, and logo so they’re as personalized to your brand as possible.

To learn more about how you can use MarketSharp and the MarketSharp Mail Integration to drive more sales for your business, schedule a demo with a member of our team!