Connect with Clients Faster With MarketSharp Texting

When you need to contact with your clients, the fastest way to reach them is through their phones. MarketSharp is one of the few home improvement CRMs that offers a full suite of texting tools to ensure that your message gets to your clients. With the upcoming release of Two-Way Texting on the MarketSharp platform, there’s no better time to learn how texting can benefit your business. 

Connect Directly with Your Clients

With the upcoming update to MarketSharp Texting, users can send and receive texts with their clients right from their CRM software. Conversations are stored in a convenient list and show all text messages sent or received by a client. This boosts transparency by keeping text conversations in your central CRM system rather than on an individual team member’s phone.

Connect with your clients with texting tools built into your CRM.

But it’s not just the transparency you gain from texting your clients with your CRM. You also save hours or days waiting for replies to an email or phone call, and when it comes to scheduling your sales and production teams, that can be a lifesaver.

Automate Your Appointment Confirmations

Scheduling appointments can be a headache in the home improvement industry. Ensuring that the client will be at the house when your employee arrives is crucial to eliminating no-shows and reducing wasted time. (According to Forbes, it takes on average 90 seconds for someone to answer a text message, that’s pretty fast!)

MarketSharp’s Activity Processes make automating appointment reminders a simple and intuitive process. You can schedule texts or emails to customers days, hours, or even minutes prior to their appointment to make sure your clients are prepared for your team’s arrival. You can even include a confirmation link for each appointment!

Automate your communications, and texts, with MarketSharp’s Activity Processes.

Use Text Templates to Standardize Communications

Text Templates allow you to send customized text messages to your clients without having to write in their specific details. You can include details like the salesperson’s name, appointment time and date, and those confirmation links we mentioned earlier.  

Text templates allow you to personalize your automated text messages.

Start Texting Your Clients with MarketSharp!

You can leverage MarketSharp Texting to connect with your clients and speed up your sales process, along with all of the other time-saving tools the platform offers. Schedule a demo with our team to see why MarketSharp is the ultimate home improvement industry CRM.