As a Remodeling Pro… It’s Time You Gave Your Credit Card Payment Processor a Closer Look

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An industry affiliate partner, PaySimple

As a home improvement professional, it’s common to find yourself being pulled in dozens of directions: managing staff, keeping clients happy, drumming up new business and keeping the life blood of your business—revenue—flowing. The work of a business owner is never truly done, that’s why it’s so crucial to streamline and automate manual, redundant processes wherever possible. If your current payment processing solution isn’t making your life easier, then it’s time to take a closer look.

How are you processing credit cards now and what’s your costs vs. your benefits?

PaySimple was created to eliminate manual payment tasks so you can get back to doing what you love. PaySimple is a software company that integrates with service business platforms like MarketSharp to facilitate down payments, recurring payments, web forms, payment plans, credit card & ACH processing, virtual point-of-sale, card-on-file PCI Compliant Vault, and cash flow reporting.

Here’s what integrating this payment solution with your MarketSharp account can bring to your business:

1. Save Time (and Boost Cash Flow!) With Recurring Billing

Home Improvement pros spend countless hours billing customers! As an affordable alternative, what if you could offer payment installments for the work you do? With PaySimple’s recurring billing you can charge the same amount – every month – month after month. If you have customers that would like to pay on a regular schedule, getting them set up with a recurring payment through PaySimple is a no-brainer. Stop chasing down payments and enjoy the benefits of consistent cash flow.

Additionally, using recurring billing features allows you to set up payment plans for customers who would like to pay off a bill in scheduled installments. This system is easy to automate and scale – all from the PaySimple platform.

And for those customers that have used your services before, PaySimple makes the checkout simple even easier by storing their payment information securely with our card-on-file features.

2. Accept Payments in the Field or the Office

Customers have different payment preferences and it’s in your best interest to cater to as many of them as possible. Many payment processors offer just one or two types of accepting money, meaning you would need to sign on with multiple systems and processes, all so you can meet the various needs of your customers.

PaySimple understands this frustration and solves it by facilitating credit card, ACH/eCheck and traditional payment methods like cash and check.

3. Reliable Customer Support When You Need It

Payment processing can seem complicated and it’s natural that you might have questions. This is why PaySimple built an amazing customer service team, based in the U.S. The PaySimple team is passionate about helping small businesses like yours, so they consistently go the extra mile to deliver the answers you need, when you need them. The team is conveniently available by phone, email, or chat. As a PaySimple user, you get the comfort of knowing you have an experienced team in your pocket, ready to help your business grow.

4. Keep More of Your Cash with Complimentary Rate Reviews

Payment processing has a lot of moving parts, but you don’t need to master every little detail. At PaySimple, it is our goal to help you process your payments at a competitive price. Allow our team to show you how we can improve your experience with competitive cost savings. Upon speaking with a PaySimple representative, we will conduct a review of your credit card rates. Get the comfort of knowing that your business isn’t being taken advantage of and put more profits back into growing your business.

5. One Less Thing to Worry About with Payment Security for You AND Your Customers

Data security is a huge part of payment processing. Not only can fraudulent activity delay your cash flow, but it also results in a terrible customer experience. When you process payments, you want to treat your customers’ data as carefully as you’d treat your own – you don’t want your customers to be part of the $190 billion in credit card fraud that the U.S. experiences every year.

With PaySimple, you don’t need to worry – you have a partner who provides a secure, PCI compliant solution.

Ultimately, PaySimple helps to minimize the energy you spend collecting payments, allowing you to get back to doing the thing in business that you love – serving your customers and helping them build their dreams.

For more information about PaySimple and its integration with MarketSharp, CLICK HERE!