4 Ways a Payment Processor Can Help Contractors Drive Productivity, Improve Cash Flow, and Enhance the Customer Experience

When you have an easy way to collect customer payments, running your home improvement business gets a whole lot easier.

We can all agree that life is easier for everyone when business operations run smoothly. Yet so many companies are still chasing down customer payments, stressing over when they’re going to get paid for the work they perform, and struggling to control their cash flow. And we get it, you’re busy running a business and finding long-term solutions to pain points isn’t exactly a quick task. But by using a payment processor, you can actually optimize your business in more ways than you’d think. 


The Benefits of a Payment Processor for Your Home Improvement Business (It’s More Than Just Streamlining Payment Acceptance)streamlining payment acceptance

A payment processor (well, the right payment processor) does more than just process payments. Take PaySimple, for example. PaySimple is the leading payments management solution for service-based businesses and offers several tools that are designed to take some of the weight of running a business off your shoulders. Most importantly, however, is PaySimple’s ability to integrate with CRM systems, like MarketSharp’s industry-specific CRM system. That right there means that you can connect your customer relationship management software with your payment software, enabling the two to communicate with one another automatically. We’ll get more into the benefits of integrating PaySimple with MarketSharp here in a moment, as we discuss the four key ways a payment processor like PaySimple can streamline your operations. Consider the following: 

1. It can seamlessly integrate with CRM software like MarketSharp

One of the biggest benefits of using PaySimple is the fact that it can integrate with MarketSharp’s industry-specific CRM system, allowing contractors like you to store all of your customer, sale, and payment information in one centralized space. And because you can automatically sync information from one system to another, you can forget about double data entry – an unproductive and draining task – and put that time towards more pressing tasks.

2. It enables you to collect payments from anywhere, at any time

PaySimple offers a mobile solution that your sales reps or installers can use to collect payments from the field, via a tablet, android or iOS device. You can also leverage PaySimple to set up online payment forms, so that your customers can submit payments 24/7, as well as recurring billing, to automatically collect subsequent payments.

3. It makes it easy to know where your money is

By using PaySimple’s payment processing platform, you’ll have increased visibility into your inbound and outbound cash flows, helping you budget better and plan accordingly for future spending.

4. It helps you serve your customers better

If we know anything for sure, it’s that people love options. So, by giving homeowners options to pay through PaySimple, you’re most likely going to see a jump in customer satisfaction, and retention. Whether they want to pay by credit card or ACH, you can give your customer the choice of paying on-the-spot, online, or over time using payment plans. And ultimately, offering flexible payment options will help you meet the diverse needs of your clients, which is key for a positive customer experience.


Why are we telling you all of this? Because we know that as a home improvement business owner, you’ve got enough on your plate, and searching for solutions to pain points in your operations can take a lot of time. So, we thought we’d step in and guide you in the right direction towards PaySimple’s payment processing platform. And if you really want to make running your business easier, leverage MarketSharp’s industry-specific CRM in addition to PaySimple. Equipped with powerful lead and customer management, communication, and project management tools, MarketSharp was designed to help home improvement businesses run more efficiently.


To learn more about MarketSharp’s CRM platform and the MarketSharp + PaySimple integration, schedule a demo with one of our team members today!