4 Steps to Reinvent Your Communications in a Post-COVID-19 World

As your remodeling business adapts to the new normal, you’ll need to smartly communicate to customers about company updates and changes.

Keep in mind that your messaging shouldn’t look the same as before COVID-19, so don’t force it to! When drafting new communications to prospects and customers, you’ll need to be sensitive to today’s situation. Consumers are still worried about their finances, working situations, and their health, and rightly so. While we’re beginning to see light at the end of a long tunnel, home pros will need to continue adjusting to changing consumer expectations and behavior. This has been an emotionally draining time for all of us, making it vital to tailor your messaging appropriately!

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Get Your Messaging Right

When reinventing your business after a global pandemic, there isn’t a hard set of rules for how and what businesses should communicate to prospects and customers. However, you can take several measures to prevent your messaging from sounding tone-deaf to the situation. To help you navigate the pitfalls of messaging during a pandemic, we’ve outlined some best practices below: 


Review Existing Communications

Before you put out any new communications that speak to the larger pandemic, review your existing messaging. If you haven’t updated your website, social media and google listing, you’ll need to do so to keep all messaging aligned, and timely. You should also be on the lookout for any current communications that are inconsiderate to this business disruption. If your ad placements or copy are not right in today’s context, find a way to adapt your message to the existing environment. For example, let’s say you have a current marketing campaign with an objective to sell new decks. Rather than noting that a new deck will be great for hosting others, remind customers that remodeling their deck is an outdoor project that doesn’t require workers to be in their home.


Be Thoughtful and Specific

Now is not the time for on-brand jokes or puns! This pandemic isn’t a typical inconvenience or minor disruption. COVID-19 is a global health crisis with a major impact on millions of lives and how businesses operate; your messaging shouldn’t ignore that! When writing to prospects and customers, offer clear and well-thought-out communications about updates around your company policies. Most importantly, be specific! Moving forward, your prospects and customers will want information on:

    • How your business was/is impacted by COVID-19
    • What those impacts mean for your customers
    • Measures your business have taken to help the situation
    • How you will be ensuring the health & safety of your customers


Be sure you’re continuing to review your messaging and offer clear, effective communication around any updates or changes that would affect the customer experience. 


Leave Unnecessary Messages at the Door

If your company and customers are not affected by COVID-19, don’t put out a statement on COVID-19 just to put out a statement! Should you find yourself writing communications because you feel pressured, take a step back and think about what you want to achieve. If you don’t have any actual updates or information to provide, don’t add to the “we’re here for you” emails cluttering people’s inboxes. 


Creativity is Key

As mentioned above, your customers don’t want more generic emails stating that you’re there for them; they want substance! When communicating to your leads and customers about changes to your business, use innovative and unique marketing tactics to stand out from the competition. If you’re marketing a certain product, consider including a project timeline in your messaging that details that specific installation process. Whether you use an infographic or plain text, make sure it’s clear to your lead or customer how long a project would take, and how involved they would need to be. For even more transparency, host a webinar reviewing your non-contact policies and safety measures that can then be uploaded to your website or emailed. If your showroom is still closed or not getting as much traction as normal, you may want to add an ‘online showroom’ to your website featuring past work your team has completed. You should have fun with your messaging to a degree, but not so much that you make light of or ignore today’s situation.


Now is the time to be extra cautious about what you’re communicating to customers and how you’re communicating it. While crafting your messaging may take some trial and error, they don’t need to be perfect! Just be sure that anything you communicate is thoughtful, useful and in-tune with what’s happening in our world today. 


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